51+ High DA Dofollow Image Sharing Sites List For SEO


High DA Image sharing sites for SEO is one of the most important factors for off page SEO with high authority image sharing sites you can increase the backlinks of your website. Most popular photo sharing sites are dofollow like Instagram, Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket, DeviantArt, Shutterfly and WeHeartIt. Nowadays high da image sharing sites is the most important factor due to page rank has been removed by the search engine. If you are start submitting your Image on Image submission sites then you can get a massive amount of traffic through images search result. If you want to get users on your website with a different platform of search engine then images sharing sites will help you to get connect user to your website. Before submit images create an account that will help you to know which images get high traffic and liked by users.


Image Sharing Sites are very substantial than text-based websites, as they are more attractive, interactive and bring a whole lot of constructive traffic towards your websites. They are a very efficient way to promote your website or any type of content or product you wish to bring to the digital market for the people. The majority of users prefer the graphical interface over the text-based interface as they are easy to understand and efficient to work on. As per the research, an image or thumbnail of a content increase your chances of interaction as compared to some text-based websites which will have a large amount text written without any pictorial representation of the content or the product the user is provided with. Facebook, Instagram and most popular photo sharing sites help you to gain quality traffic as well as promote your brand and the product to the users.

Factors for Image sharing sites

If you start submitting images on image sharing sites then you have to keep these points on your fingures. Most of time we submit images without knowing any factors of websites and at last we don’t get any result of those submission of photos. So here I’m including few important factors about image sharing sites.

  • Check website DA, Alexa Rank, and Authority of website
  • Make sure that website is realted to image sites
  • Check website spamming rate
  • Make sure website is not affected by the any malware
  • Make sure website is not banned by search engines
  • Don’t submit copyright Images
  • When you submitted your images share on social media sites
  • Always share images on top image sharing sites such as Instagram, pinterest, juxtapost, twitter and, imgur
  • Don’t forget to add related tags
  • Add your images in right category
  • Add Title and Description in the images

List of high DA Image sharing sites

Sr. No High DA Image Sharing Sites Domain Authority (DA) Alexa Traffic
1 23hq.com 60 141,678
2 myphoto.eu 23 524,977
3 www.500px.com 90 2,133
4 www.charmboard.com 20 159,839
5 www.deviantart.com 91 179
6 www.dreamstime.com 87 1,141
7 www.dropshots.com 56 107,079
8 www.facebook.com 100 3
9 www.fanpop.com 72 5,569
10 www.favim.com 53 15,499
11 www.flickr.com 99 352
12 www.fotki.com 63 44,150
13 www.fotolog.com 75 19,384
14 www.fotothing.com 45 95,484
15 www.imagebam.com 69 1,804
16 www.imageevent.com 54 109,750
17 www.imagefra.me 50 998,873
18 www.imagehousing.com 48 440,514
19 www.imageshack.com 86 9,905
20 www.imgbb.com 77 24,792
21 www.imgfave.com 61 53,946
22 www.imgur.com 93 45
23 www.indulgy.com 56 36,810
24 www.instagram.com 99 18
25 www.ipernity.com 62 70,688
26 www.juxtapost.com 44 142,638
27 www.list.ly 72 60,595
28 www.lookbook.nu 67 31,963
29 www.mediafire.com 89 154
30 www.mobypicture.com 71 64,536
31 www.photo.net 78 29,615
32 www.photobucket.com 91 2,093
33 www.photos.google.com 100 1
34 www.picturetrail.com 72 303,479
35 www.pinterest.com 100 76
36 www.pixabay.com 92 423
37 www.pixlr.com 1 1,619
38 www.polyvore.com 87 2,753
39 www.postimg.org 80 2,679
40 www.productwiki.com 45 17,312,550
41 www.public.fotki.com 63 44,150
42 www.seenit.in 26 354,078
43 www.shutterfly.com 86 1,334
44 www.slickpic.com 49 221,726
45 www.snapfish.com 77 11,392
46 www.stumbleupon.com 98 1,502
47 www.tinypic.com 87 5,292
48 www.turboimagehost.com 52 20,511
49 www.twitter.com 100 13
50 www.use.com 53 206,902
51 www.wanelo.com 75 82,890
52 www.wantr.com 31 1,562,506
53 www.weheartit.com 80 1,932
54 www.winkflash.com 48 430,454
55 www.yogile.com 44 202,913
56 www.zerochan.net 51 6,470

High domain authority Image sharing sites are totally free so here you don’t need to pay money to any of the website for sharing your website images. You have just register and enter a few details and share your images. When you kick-start submitting your images, keep in mind that use proper targeted keywords in title and description with alt tags so that search engine knows that what is an image about.

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