Tendtoread Privacy Policy

TendToRead Privacy Policy Overview

TendToRead is committed to protecting your security on the web. It’s our duty to safeguard your personal information which you tend to provide us with any online activity. We are aware of the sensitivity of your personal information so henceforth, we have developed “tendtoread privacy policy” which respects your privacy concerns.
Thereby following the privacy rule, we assure you that we will contact you only when it is much needed for ex: to ask you any feedback, to respond to any query or we can respond you with a follow-up email whenever you agree to subscribe to our email list or newsletters.

The entire content of this website is copyrighted to tendtoread and should never be reproduced/copied to another website without written authorization from the owner

Information we collect

We at tendtoread may collect your personal information such as your name, age, email etc. when you register on our site or when you made any comment, subscribe to our newsletters (summary) or fill any form on our site. However, you may also visit our site anonymously. Tendtoread may monitor statistics such as the number of visitors on the site, visitor’s IP address, an age of visitor, browser used by the visitor, pages visited by a visitor and the referrals through which a visitor has landed on the site. Tendtoread assures you that such statistics are meant only to improve the user experience and performance of the site.

What do we utilize your data (Information) for?

Whenever we collect any information about you, it may be collected by us due to following reasons:

  • To improve your experience of using our site ( Information we collect may help us to better respond you with any type of query)
  • To make better improvements on our site (tentoread strive to provide you with better offerings and learning information based on your information details)
  • To provide you with better customer service (Whatever needs you may have, we helps you with reference to the information details you provide us)
  • To send you informatic emails (Your email address may be used by us to provide you best solutions, respond to your queries, feedback, customer service etc. )

How do we protect the information you provide?

Tendtoread won’t compromise with the safety efforts to keep up the wellbeing of your own data when you enter, submit, or provide any sort of information to us through our site.

We use cookies to provide you with better user-experience whenever you were asked to re-enter your information.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that any site or service provider use to better recognize your activity (Your browser, time etc) on the basis of information you provide.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies not only let us understand about your activities you made to our site but also it helps us to offer you with better user experience better optimized for different devices.

With the help of cookies, we can better comprehend about your inclinations for future visits thereby aggregating the specific information about our site traffic so that we can provide you with more better tools and an enhanced user experience in nearby future.

Do we disclose your information to any third party?

We may also interact with various third party service providers so that we can better understand the preferences of a site visitor. We assure you to not disclose any private information related to you to any third party service provider unless needed. However, if any trusted parties which help us in better operation of our website, provides you with service (on the basis of collaboration with us) and helps in expanding our business, we may provide them with your information but in the only case when they agree to keep it confidential. We may likewise discharge your data when we trust discharge is suitable to consent to the law, authorize our site arrangements, or ensure our own or others rights, property, or well-being.

Do we use any third party affiliates or links on our site?

Yes, tendtoread may use any other third party affiliate or links on the site to offers their services in terms of an affiliate agreement between us. However, the terms of conditions and policies of both (tentoread and third party service provider or affiliate) may differ from each other. So, it is better advisable to you to read both terms and conditions before using them.

Tendtoread does not hold any responsibility or liability for the services, content or links which are offered by any third party or affiliate. However, any much-needed suggestion or feedback about our site is welcomed by us.

Privacy Policy Disclaimer – The above privacy policy is only applied only to any online and offline activity.