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A successful Social media marketing strategy requires analyzing what your audience is saying about you. Having said that, It’s not that easy for social media marketers or community managers to look into each and every conversation at a time. If you have a business and your social media campaign or audience not work then you have to do an analysis of competitor of social media After all, who has such amount of spare time to waste? Well, No-one!
Fortunately, the internet has ample of social media marketing competitor analysis tools available to track and analyze social media activities and conversations.

These social media competitor analysis tools may differ in price as each and everyone may have different kinds of functionalities such as tracking capabilities, user experience, analytics etc. But, premises of every tool is same. Following are the different premises which every social monitoring tools may provide you :

Why use of social media monitoring tools for your competitors

Social Media one of most great platform for your website to engage users. Today here I tell you top tools for your social media competitors. If you have a website and performing well as organic and paid traffic but from social media, the result is not adequate which you want. So you try to find out how your competitors doing such things to reach users from social media to their website. There are many tools available for to analysis social media competitors of your website.

Benefits of social media competitor analysis tools

  • Monitoring

    Social media tools let you monitor every activity of your audience. You can determine which content or post of yours is working excellently and which one fails to draw any attraction.

  • Reporting

    After, you monitor and analyze about your social media performance, some social media tools let you download reports in different formats (.pdf, .csv, .xls etc.). The report can come handy for you to evaluate the results of your social media campaign activities. .

  • Competitive Analysis

    Every social media marketing strategy needs to be evaluated properly in terms of competitive analysis which is the another feature provided by some social media tools. You can evaluate what strategy your core competitors are using and what may work for you as well in part of competitive analysis. .

  • Campaign Optimization

    Running a successful social media campaign is important as it gives you an idea about your social engagement, followers and performance. Social media tools will let you set up your social media campaign. With functionality like campaign analytics, you can understand how impactful is your campaign and what budget will be required to make it more effective. This way you can keep a track of your campaign performance which will help you out in improving your social media marketing strategy. .

  • Return on Investment

    Using a social media monitoring tool will help you to make more out of your marketing efforts. Simply put, you can create impactful campaigns with more engagement which will result in a greater result on investment (ROI). .

  • Real-time Analytics

    Beside campaign analytics, a social media tool will also provide you with real-time analytics which will help you track about the performance of your social media accounts for ex. Twitter analytics (for twitter), facebook analytics (for facebook), Pinterest analytics (for Pinterest) etc. respectively. .

Now that you are aware of the benefits of using social media in your social media marketing strategy, let’s know about some top trending social media tools which you may use :

Social Media Competitors analysis tools

Top social media competitor analysis tools

  • Fanpage Karma

    Fanpage karma is an amazing social media monitoring tool which provide you better engagement and valuable insights of your social media strategy with the help of social media analytics. You can create real time reports which will help you to understand your social media campaign in a better way.

  • Website: Fanpage Karma

  • Klout

    Klout is another amazing tool for measuring social media influence. Klout provides you with a ‘klout score’ on a scale of 0 to 100 which is based on your social influence on different social media platforms. Klout claimed that its scoring system has an ability to process about 45 billion daily interactions and analyzing over 3,600 different actions from nine different social media networks such as facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Wikipedia, Youtube, Lithium communities etc. The analysis includes different social media actions such as likes, shares, comments, retweets etc. Moreover, Klout helps organizations to identify their most impactful topics, significant information about influencers and influence metrics that may help in evaluating and improving their social media strategy.

  • Website: Klout

  • Social Mention

    If aiming to find about your brand’s mention over different social media sites, then Socialmention is the best tool you might consider in your marketing strategy. SocialMention is just another social media search and analysis tool which works by aggregating content from across the web. Simply put, it is a platform which tells you about the number of mentions of your brand’s name (brand keyword) on social media websites. The one quality that makes it different from other social media tools is that it has the capability to monitor over hundreds of social media sites. It provides in-depth analysis of social media influence on the basis of four categories namely; Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.

    • Strength – Strength let you know about the probability of your brands mention which is likelihood to happen on different sites
    • Sentiment – Sentiment is the ratio of positive to the negative mentions about your brand
    • Passion – Passion determine how badly your brand has its influence all over web.
    • Reach – Reach is the metric which determines the range of influence of your brand mention

    This way, Social Mention let you determine about your brand’s online reputation in an easier way.

  • Website: Social Mention

  • Simply Measured

    Used widely by all types of businesses, Simply measure is another social media analytics platform which provides you with end-to-end analysis of all social media sites. The analytics is based on all paid, earned or owned social media activities which is the USP of this tool. Such type of analytics is very useful for you to monitor your online campaigns, performance, engagement etc. The valuable insights about all the gathered information such as competitive analysis, facebook content / fan page analysis, audience engagement metrics for twitter, Instagram and google plus can be later downloaded in dynamic excel or powerpoint formats. Simply Measured is a paid tool which is obvious for the kind of insights the company is providing its customers.

  • Website: Simply Measured

  • LikeAlyzer

    In case you are looking for a robust tool with which you can measure and analyze your facebook pages then your hunt might end with LikeAlyzer. LikeAlyzer helps you to analyze, compare and explore all the activities of your facebook page with detailed information. Unlike most of the tools, LikeAlyzer doesn’t charge you for Facebook Analytics which is again the USP of this tool. You can analyze your profile information with proper explanation of issues that might go wrong with your facebook campaign. This way, you can work on these issues in a more effective manner. The key features of this amazing tools are facebook statistics, analytics and instant review pages. LikeAlyzer is 100 % free which makes it more popular than any other paid tool.

  • Website: LikeAlyzer

  • Quintly

    Quintly is another social monitoring tool to analyze your social media strategy and to keep an eye on your competitors with competitive benchmarking. It supports analytics data for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Having such kind of robust tool literally, saves your time on manual tracking of social KPIs. It has an automated reporting system which provides hasslefree reports of social media accounts. Quintly allows free evaluation plan for 30 days up to 3 social media profiles.

  • Website: Quintly

  • Mondovo

    Mondovo is an all in one digital marketing tool which is not only used for Social Media but also help to implement your SEO strategy in a more effective manner. When it comes to SEO, Mondovo provides you with 8 SEO features namely ; Rank tracker, bulk metrics, link research, website audit, on-page analyzer, keyword research, bulk search volume and google search console. All these features together makes it an SEO combo tool. The main USP of this tool is that you don’t need to pay for the feature you don’t require. Simply put, if you require website audit feature of the tool, then you need to pay for the same only. Such is the cost-effectiveness of this tool. On SMO part, this tool provides you with different social media account set up and analytics to track the activities for the same. If you want to explore the awesomeness of this tool, then you are allowed to use it for 7 days free trial. Mondovo will also give you $3 USD for the same.

  • Website: Mondovo

  • SocialBakers

    As the name implies, SocialBakers is a social media monitoring and analytics tool to get you on the track with your social media strategy. With its effective analytics report on fans engagement, competitive benchmarking and performance improvement, you will find it worth for monitoring the social presence of your business and your clients as well. In case, you are looking for social listening tool then SocialBakers is not the right choice for you. You might want to consider some another tool for social listening as SocialBakers provide you with pure social analytics solution.

    SocialBakers is available for 14 days free trial. You can sign up for your free trial here.

  • Website: SocialBakers

  • SocialPilot

    If you are someone, who is worried about the no. of hours you spend on social media then Social Pilot is the solution you want to consider in your strategy. With its powerful social automated platform, Social Pilot tend to reduce all the time and unnecessary efforts you waste every day on social media. You can use Social Pilot for :

    • integrate multiple social accounts at a time
    • Add multiple feed URLs to your post after they get published
    • Schedule posts on different social media accounts
    • Add team members in order to divide the numbers of task assigned for social media tasks

    SocialPilot is the most cost-effective and most user friendly social media scheduling platform to save all your timing & efforts at a go.

  • Website: SocialPilot

  • SproutSocial

    SproutSocial is a powerful & integrated social CRM tool for smart social media professionals. With its strong user friendly analytics, it meets all the needs of being a best social media marketing tool. It supports almost all the major social networks yet not excluding minor ones and an integrated google analytics option for tracking your website activities. You can enjoy 30 days free trial without the need of feeding your credit card entry.

  • Website: SproutSocial

  • Buzzsumo

    Buzzsumo claims to be an excellent content discovery platform. With buzzsumo, you can discover some interesting stuffs that is being shared with audience. You can find out who is sharing the content on what social media channel. This way, not only you can have an idea about the influencers which may help you to grow your audience but also you can learn new ideas about your social media campaigns and content marketing strategy as well.

  • Website: Buzzsumo

  • Oktopost

    Oktopost is a well designed B2B social media management tool which allows you to schedule, share and curate your content in order to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy. You can also manage your social media marketing team with the help of oktopost.

  • Website: Oktopost

  • Klear

    Klear is a free social media analytics tool for competitor which provides social media analytics for your competitors like instagram, Twitter and Facebook page analytics. This tool provide paid and trial version both for your social media analytics. Klear also provide a demo version if you want to schedule a demo from their website. This tool most famous for social media monitoring and influencer marketing. Klear analyze deep data of social media and show the best result on from of you with exact valuable insights. This tool shows you how your social media competitors have indluential, engagement level, true reach, Insights, audience level and top content of their page.

  • Website: Klear

    To sum up, using some social media competitor analysis tools will help you to make most out of your social media marketing strategy. Though above-listed tools are free and some of are paid but you can use as a free to analysis your social media competitor but using these tools will surely help you out in analyzing in’s and out’s of your social marketing strategy.

Social Media Competitors Analysis Tools In 2019
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