90+ Software Development Guest Post Sites List


Guest post one of the best top prominent techniques for SEO and backlinks. If you are searching for software development guest post sites, technology and mobile app (Android and iOS) then here you can find these sites with their related fields and their technology which they are working. Guest posting or guest blogging is not a just about getting backlinks, it also get new customers through different platform websites and get fast index in the search engines for ranking you sites. Always keep in mind that guest blogging is one of the effective ways to bring the new audience on your blog/site, but you should not do guest blogging only for link building process.

There are many software development guest post sites which deals in guest post or write for us, also finding these guest post sites list is not an easy task. Most of the software development guest post sites are dealing with latest technology and it’s trend. Through writing a post for your blog you can’t get enough traffic and users on your blog. So you must have to approach to bloggers/sites who accept guest post free or some of webmaster charges there editorial amount. Guest post will help your site to get decent traffic and also increase the domain authority of your website for whom you are working. To get published your guest post articles on high authority sites you have to write top quality content with good understanding English which fit for that sites.

What is guest post and its benefits?

Guest post is a SEO techniques which any internet users want to get post their article/blog on different sites with free of cost and wants a good quality of backlinks on their sites/business. Sometimes guest post admin give a link to the author section with your keywords/brand name which you have write.

Brand Awareness

This is one of the best things which you can do for your business/sites, if internet users are not aware about your business then through guest post you can describe your brand in a few words with articles. You can also add your brand name and logo in your author section which provided by website admin during posting guest post. So if you have posted your content on different platform related to your niche, this will help you to get more right users on your sites who are interested in your article.


Guest posting sites are still good for better link building opportunity for SEO and long term links. There are many ways to create backlinks in SEO but guest post is one of the best way to get high quality link building with related to your niche. One guest post is equals to four to five normal backlinks which done by SEO guys. This guest post backlinks might be Dofollow or may be nofollow this is called manual backlinks, It depends on the website webmaster guest post guidelines what types of links they are providing in the guest post. So before submitting you article read guest post terms and conditions for those sites.

Increase Traffic/Conversion

Through Guest post/Guest blogging always drive good traffic to your site if you have published your guest post on high authority sites with good quality of content. You will not only increase your traffic you will also increase your Alexa ranking, Domain authority and page authority of your site. You can always create your guest post content in a such a way that user can easily understand your product and services which you are providing and also hence this will increase your traffic and overall conversion.

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How to find guest post on search engine

To find guest posting, you can use these search operators on search engine.

“submit a guest post sites”

Technology + “write for us” + guest post

Keyword “guest post technology”

Keyword “accepting guest posts”

Technology guest post

Technology blog write for us

“This post was written by”

“Software development” “submit guest post”

Mobile app development” guest post”

“write for us” tech blog

App development “write for us”

Technology+ “contributors”

Keyword “contributor guidelines”

Format to approach guest post sites

software technology Guest post sites

List of Software development guest post sites

Sr. No. Guest Post Sites(Software Development and Technology) Write for
1 http://techpatio.com/about/guest-post Technology
2 https://www.teckalacarte.com/write-guest-post/ Technology and development
3 http://xtendedview.com/write-for-us/ Technology
4 https://www.technologyend.com/write-guest-post/ Miscellaneous
5 http://www.techblazes.com/write-for-tech-blazes/ Technology and Mobile App
6 https://technicallyeasy.net/guest-posting/ Technology
7 https://technumero.com/write-for-us-guest-blogging/ WordPress and Technology
8 https://www.techstrange.com/write-for-us/ Lifestyle and technology
9 https://techsightings.com/write-for-us-guest-post/ Software development and technology
10 https://www.scnsoft.com/blog/write-for-us Software development and Internet
11 https://www.incodetech.com/blog/write-for-us/ Technology and Programming
12 https://www.mytechranker.com/write-for-us/ Marketing and Technology
13 http://www.techcounsellor.com/got-a-tip/ Technology
14 https://www.the-next-tech.com/write-for-us/ Technology
15 https://www.techwyse.com/write-for-us/ Technology
16 https://www.99techpost.com/write-for-us-on-seo-tech-web-apps-to-submit-guest-post/ Marketing and Technology
17 https://www.completeconnection.ca/write-for-us/ Marketing and Technology
18 https://exporthub.co/write-for-us/ Technology
19 https://www.durgtech.com/p/write-for-us.html Marketing and Technology
20 http://seeromega.com/write-for-us/ Marketing and Technology
21 https://ckab.com/write-for-us/ Web designing and technology
22 http://hackpundit.com/join-hackpundit/ AWS and technology
23 http://www.techtipsnapps.com/write-for-us.html Internet and technology
24 https://www.techmediatoday.com/write-for-us/ Data science and Development
25 http://www.highdefgeek.com/write-for-us/ Software development and Web design
26 https://www.webhostingonedollar.com/write-for-us App Development
27 https://www.chetu.com/write-for-us.php Software development
28 https://www.openxcell.com/openxcell-blog-guest-posting-guidelines Technology
29 https://itwatchit.com/write-for-us/ Mobile app and Artificial technology
30 https://themegrill.com/blog/write-for-us/ Technology and WordPress
31 https://codepen.io/accounts/signup Technology
32 https://dzone.com/pages/contribute Technology and Developers
33 https://www.wpbeginner.com/write-for-us/ Technology
34 https://themeisle.com/blog/write-for-us/ WordPress and Technology
35 https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/write-for-us/ Technology and Development
36 https://www.rswebsols.com/write-for-us Technology and Development
37 https://speckyboy.com/contribute-an-article/ Mobile app development
38 https://www.noupe.com/write-for-us Software development & Tech
39 https://webdesignledger.com/write-for-us/ Technology and Development
40 https://www.uxmatters.com/about-us/writing-for-uxmatters.php Software & App development
41 https://www.uxbooth.com/contribute/ Technology
42 https://designcoral.com/write-for-us/ Miscellaneous
43 http://robusttricks.com/write-for-us/ Technology
44 https://www.knowledgehut.com/blog/write-for-us Mobile & Web development
45 https://www.mamsys.com/submit-guest-post/ Mobile & Web development
46 https://developergang.com/guest-post-blogging/ Technology
47 https://digitechnopost.com/free-guest-posting-sites-list/ SEO
48 https://thelatesttechnews.com/submit-guest-post/ Technology
49 https://techswizard.com/write-for-us/ Technology and Development
50 https://technumero.com/write-for-us-guest-blogging/ Technology
51 https://www.softwareworld.co/write-for-us-softwareworld/ Software & App development
52 https://simpleprogrammer.com/write-for-us/ Software technology
53 https://www.socialpilot.co/write-for-us Social Media
54 https://technologywire.net/write-for-us/ Technology and Development
55 https://www.techmagazines.net/write-for-us/ Technology
56 https://www.usefultechtips.com/write-us/ Technology
57 https://www.theproche.com Technology and Development
58 https://techbuzztalk.com/contribute/ Mobile app & technology
59 https://www.techspotguruji.com/write-for-us/ Software & Mobile development
60 https://www.mobitechspy.com/write-for-us/ Mobile App development
61 https://techlipz.com/write-for-us/ Technology & Marketing
62 http://www.derektime.com/write-for-us/ All Guest Post
63 https://www.excellentwebworld.com/write-for-us/ Technology
64 https://www.bootstrapdash.com/write-for-us/ Technology
65 http://techblogcorner.com/write-for-us/ All Guest Post
66 https://www.techartes.com/write-for-us/ Technology
67 https://www.tutsmake.com/submit-tech-guest-post-write-for-us/ Technology
68 https://www.leilockheart.me/write-for-us/ Technology & Automotive
69 http://www.iamwire.com/submit-guest-post Technology
70 https://myappgurus.com/write-for-us/ Mobile App development
71 https://www.mobile-app-development-india.com/guest-blogging/ Mobile App development
72 https://saastronauts.io/guest-blogging/ Saas
73 https://appmarketingminds.com/write-for-us/ Saas
74 https://learnappmaking.com/write-for-us/ Mobile App development
75 https://www.androidb.com/write-for-us/ Mobile App development
76 http://www.webdesigningindia.in/write-for-us.html App Development & Tech
77 https://www.allaboutapps.biz/write-for-us/ Mobile App development
78 https://mobiforge.com/write-for-us Mobile App development
79 https://kenkarlo.com/guest-post Technology
80 https://www.techrrival.com/guest-post/ Technology
81 https://www.androidtipster.com/submit-guest-post-tech/ Technology
82 https://nulab.com/submit-guest-post/ Software Development
83 http://comparecamp.com/write-for-us/ Saas
84 https://dev.to/ Miscellaneous
85 hashnode.com Miscellaneous
86 hackernoon.com Miscellaneous
87 www.inpeaks.com Miscellaneous
88 www.namasteui.com/write-for-us/ Marketing and Programming
89 https://www.techgami.co/write-for-us/ Technology Trends
90 https://www.techsparkle.com/write-for-us-2/ Tech and Software mobile app development
91 https://www.actwitty.com/write-for-actwitty/ Technology
92 https://www.kovair.com/blog/submit-guest-post/ IOT and technology

Above mentioned all the guest post sites are updated. Here you can get guest post sites who deals in Technology, Mobile app(Android or iOS) and software development. Before reaching to them read their guest post guidelines and pitch them through mail or through their website. If you didn’t get revert within 1-3 days then you can try again as reminder mail. If you like this post share and give us rating.

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