Top 10 SEO WordPress Plugins You Must Have Install


Now these day WordPress is a most prominent platform for creating a website without any coding with a few steps. If you want a create a blog with help of WordPress, you have to install certain essential WordPress plugins and best choice themes for creating a website. SEO is another important factor for a blogger and any websites. So you have to also install top WordPress SEO plugins which help you in ranking on SERP.There are many SEO WordPress plugins available online but how you know which SEO plugins are good or bad. Some black hat SEO users create fake WordPress SEO plugins which are not authentic. Before installing any WordPress plugins keep in mind that WordPress plugins have been check with your WordPress version which shown by WordPress community.

Some of SEO WordPress plugins are free and some of them are paid. In a free WordPress plugins you have many essential basic features which are required for WordPress but when you buy a plugin then you get advanced features which normal user don’t have this features.

Importance of SEO WordPress plugins

  • Security

    Security is main reason behind which most of wordpress website got hacked. If you running a blog which created with wordpress and you have not install any plugins which save your website from harmful threat and hacking then your website could be hacked.

  • Customization

    If you have created a blog with help of wordpress and want to user friendly UI( User Interface), then you need to download certain wordpress plugins which help you to customize your wordpress blog.

  • Additional Features

    If you want to create comments, subscribers, contact form and many other additional features then there are many WordPress plugins available for this features without any coding. In normal website without WordPress, you have to write code for each section and it takes a lot of time. So these WordPress plugins help you to add additional section on your WordPress website.

  • Monetering

    Many times you monitoring your website by Search engine tools or third party tools. Some SEO WordPress plugins gives you great monitoring features for your website like Website status, keywords you rank on SERP, Top post of your blog and activity which perform you or other people who are also admin of this website.

    top ten wordpress seo plugins

    top ten SEO WordPress plugins

    List of top ten SEO WordPress Plugins

    1. All in One SEO Pack

      All in one SEO pack is best SEO plugin for WordPress CMS, who have a blog and want a search engine to understand the structure of a website. It’s is very easy to work for beginners and also for professionals. This plugin available for free and paid version both, in free version this plugin has great features and API for developers. The plugin has installed 3+ million by a user over the internet, also have a support forum on WordPress.

      Feauters of All in one SEO plugin

      • Free XML sitemaps here you can create and manage your XML sitemaps of Google, Bing/Yahoo and other search engine
      • Social Meta support, this feature adds social meta of your site between your blog and social media
      • Here you can also generate and validate your Robots.txt file
      • File editor, here you can edit your robots.txt and .htaccess file without any hassle
      • Generates Metadata automatically if you do not define metadata
      • Features of exports and imports all in one SEO pack settings available
      • This is only plugins who supports SEO integration for e-commerce sites with including woo commerce
      • Google webmaster and analytics supports, here you need to just add tracking and all you were done

    2. Yoast SEO

      Another great dominant WordPress SEO plugin which focuses on keywords which you have written on article or blog. This plugin is most highest SEO installed a plugin for WordPress. The Yoast SEO plugins check the image tags, Meta tags, keywords and heading of your page. If you want to change heading of your page then this plugin allows writing custom title and slug of your blog or article. It’s how you three color related to your article like Red, Green and yellow.

    3. Feauters of Yoast SEO plugin

      • Page Analysis
      • Guide you to how to optimize your article
      • XML sitemap This also work with custom post types and custom taxonomies automatically, while giving you the option to remove those from the XML sitemap should you wish to
      • RSS optimization
      • Bread crumbs this is one of best additional features on Yoast SEO available for free. This allows you to create an easy navigation that is great for both users and search engines.
      • Here you can also edit your .Htaccess and Robots.txt file on this plugin.
      • Social Integration
      • Import and export functionality

    4. Jetpack

      Jetpack plugin another one of most full of features plugin which provides site stats, traffic monitoring, user engagement, security, plugins updates, social media sharing icons, related post and many lots of things. Most of the features of this plugin is available for free. If you choosing free membership, then you have enough features for a blog website. If you want to pay version of this plugin then you have to pay little bucks and get a lot of additional features like spam protection, Site backups, restores, migrations, daily security scanning, Advertising program and fast resolution for paid members.

    5. Features which provided by Jetpack plugin

      • Intrect millions of wordpress users
      • Increase your site performance
      • Get Social media icon buttons, no need to install other plugins for social media icons buttons.
      • With this plugin you get sidebar widgets, calendar and author bio
      • Downtime and uptime monitoring
      • Gives feature like add custom CSS

    6. Redirection Plugin

      This plugin helps you redirect your web page or URL on a proper source with 301 redirections. If you face 404 error then this plugin help you a lot to redirect your page without any writing redirection code on htaccess.This plugin is totally free for all users. There you can also chek your whole logs of your redirected URLs. Here you can also create a different group for your URLs. This plugin also provides support if you face any issue.

    7. Features of Redirection plugin

      • Logs of all redirected URLs
      • Match and action methods with regular expression
      • Show hits of redirected URLs
      • Auto redirection when little bit URL changes
      • Not required .htaccess apache permission

    8. The SEO Framework

      SEO framework plugin provides another extremely fast SEO solution for WordPress blog websites. Improves search ranking on SERP. If you are going to posting an article on a blog then this plugin shows a SEO status bar to improve your search and keywords result of your content.

    9. Feautes of The SEO Framework

      • Supports custom post types Woocommerce and bbpress
      • Structure data for Google search
      • Supported Open graph Imgages, with responsive size
      • Gives auto suggestes meta description when need to imporved.

    10. All In One Rich Snippets

      IF you want to increase user experience of your website than this plugin helps you to gaining user as well as increase in CTR. This plugin shows star rating , author photo, Images, events details, about Organizations and many more on search result. For wordpress blog this plugin is best for rich snippets. This plugin will also gives breadcrumbs, local business and books related schema markup on their next releae.

    11. Feature of All in one rich snippets

      • Display additional information about your products or site on search result
      • Plugin supports Item review, about people, recipe, software application, video and article
      • Boost CTR of your page
      • Show when you updated your content on search result
      • Also display information about facbook page if any users share your links

    12. WP Fastest Cache

      Sometimes when you updated your website or a page but result won’t refelect on you webpage, this plugin help you to get out from this issue. This plugin generate a static html fils and saves that othe users reat to that static html page. When you use this plugin there is no need to modify .htaccess file, it will modigy automatically when you clear the cache. From setting of this plugin you can manage more cache system of your webpage. This plugin is free and paid both.

    13. Features of Wp fastest cache plugin.

      • Cache deleted when you posted a article or a page
      • SSL support with this plugin
      • Minified CSS and HTML of page
      • You can decerease the size of CSS files
      • Page load fast if same users visit again on same landing page
      • Image Optimization cahce system(Only for Paid Member)
      • Database cleanup for Premium members

    14. w3 total cache

      One of most demandable WordPress SEO plugin which improves the SEO and user experience of your blog or website. If you lack for your website speed then this plugin is best for your which increase your website speed and optimize your website with download time via features content delivery network (CDN)integration. This plugin has already 4000+ downloaded by a user for the better performance.

    15. Feature of W3 total cache plugin

      • Reduced page load time
      • Compatible with all servers
      • SSL support
      • Minified of linline css or JavaScript
      • Database cache avaliable
      • Minification of posts and pages and feeds
      • Lot of security features
      • Show performance of your website
      • Reverse proxy setting avaliable
      • Improved youw web server performance with high traffic
      • If your website is realted to E-commerce then this plugin improve your conversion rate.

    16. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

      ShortPixel Image Optimizer alternate plugin for much image compression

      If you have a website which deals with image or product which need an image and you have used WordPress platform for your website and you still stuck to find a plugin which optimizes images of the website. This is One of best image optimization WordPress plugins which resize, optimize and compress all images which you have used on your blog or website. It also reduces time to load images. It also supports all the file types like JPEG, PNG and GIF.

    17. Features of Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin

      • Optimize your images
      • Images adjust automatically according to your width and height of your website
      • Bulk attachement avaliable
      • Great plugin for JPEG and PNG fomats which optimize image without any loss of resolution
      • The ability of optimize image up to 32MB
      • Increase your website conversion
      • Uploaded image automatically optimize you don’t need to optimize manually
      • Award winning image optimization plugin

    18. Spam protection FireWall, Anti Spam by CleanTalk

      If you are facing a lot of problem-related to spam like comments, registrations, bookings, surveys polls and much more and still searching for the plugin then Spam protection WordPress plugin protect your website from such type of spam. Since the plugin is based on a cloud technology, Hence, it blocks spam without affecting the performance of a website.In addition to blocking email-list, CleanTalk also blocks IP address of the spammer which is commendable. CleanTalk is also available for other web based frameworks such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, vBulletin etc. which makes it a robust plugin. This is also supportable with WordPress cache plugin which clear cache time by time. This plugin available free as well as paid. If you use paid version then your website protected up to 99.99% from spambots. 24/7 Hrs technical supports. Gives you traffic and spam reports daily and weekly.

    19. Features of Spam protection FireWall, Anti Spam by CleanTalk

      • Anti spam controllable like comments, registrations, orders
      • Spam bot registrations filter
      • Bloking unnessarsy comments or repatative comments
      • Blog spam IP address and subnets to spam fire wall
      • Improve your webstie speed by cleaning spams which important for SEO
      • Cleantalk has an advance option for filtering spam bots
      • Spam fire wall reduces HTTP/HTTPS DDos attacks
      • This helps to prevent, attacks by remote procedure call

    Top 10 SEO WordPress Plugins You Must Have Install
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