15+ Best Free Backlink Checker Tools For SEO 2020


Are you looking for free backlink checker tools, If you are then here you can find paid and free online backlink checker sites. Below added top backlink tools are new and latest which you can use online to find backlinks for your competitors and for any sites. You have to just signup with your E-mail Id and any third party sites. If your website doesn’t have any backlinks then you cannot increase your Domain Authority and Page Authority and also rank on the search engine pages. So backlinks are one of the most important factors for the Off page SEO. You can also audit backlinks of your sites with test sites without any of cost. Every links are playing a vital role for any website whether it is Follow or NoFollow.

Free Backlink checker tools

If you are a newbie for creating backlinks then you can just open any free backlink sites checker and just put your competitor sites in the search bar, you can able to see your competitor backlinks then click on that links and then create a link for your site easily. You can also able to find free competitor backlink checker by these tools which help to create backlinks for your sites with help of other competitors. If you want to grow any business whether it is locally or globally backlinks are very important for any sites for better conversion and for users. Create more backlinks as you can for your site which will help you in future, there are many high Domain Authority backlinks sites around the web, you have to just search and create backlinks with your brand name, keywords which you want, by anchor text, by sharing images and many more ways to create backlinks.

Always create backlink from all the domain like .com, .net, .org, edu, .in and many more. every backlink from every domain provides you with great benefits for your sites. in many ways. Edu backlinks are the most prominent backlinks. You can use professional backlink checker tools to identify which links
are broken and fix them immediately before they affect the ranking of your website. Whether you want to replicate the success of your competitors and leave them behind or assess the quality of your website’s links, here is a list of prominent free backlink checker tools. These tools will help you collect basic as well as advanced level information on the backlinks of any website which you can later use to help your website rank on the first page of Google.

What is backlink ?

Backlinks are the links which link from one website to another website by placing keywords, brand name and image links. These all process is done by manually not by tools. Tools only help for finding backlinks where you want to create backlinks on sites. More backlinks of your site more authority and more weightage on the search engine page.

Factors for free backlinks checker tools

  • Get incease traffic of your site
  • Increase your DA and PA of site
  • Remove old and spamming backinks
  • Always create backlinks on high DA sites
  • Never spam
  • Don’t use auto creating backlink tools
  • Fist use trial then paid
  • Always do R & D for your competitor
  • Make a sheet of your backlinks for future reference
  • Don’t buy backlinks

List of free online backlinks checker tools sites

Sr. No Backlinks Checker Tool Sites Pricing WIth/Without Registration
1 serpstat.com Free/Paid Without Registration
2 backlinkwatch.com Free Without Registration
3 ranksignals.com Free/Paid Need Registration
4 smallseotools.com/backlink-checker Free Without Registration
5 linkminer.com Free/Paid Without Registration
6 seoreviewtools.com/valuable-backlinks-checker Free Without Registration
7 semrush.com Free/Paid Need Registration
8 thehoth.com/backlinks-checker Free Need Registration
9 ahrefs.com/backlink-checker Paid Need Registration
10 linkody.com Free/Paid Without Registration
11 webmeup.com Free Without Registration
12 backlink-tool.org/backlink-checker Free Without Registration
13 seoprofiler.com Free/Paid Need Registration
14 backlinkr.net Free Without Registration
15 coderduck.com Free Without Registration
16 majestic.com Free/Paid Need Registration
17 linksphinx.com Free Without Registration
18 moz.com/link-explorer Free/Paid Need Registration

Best free backlink checker tool sites for SEO

  • Linkody

    Linkody one of the best free backlinks checkers for your competitors, By this tool you can easily find backlinks without any bucks, but the limit is only this tool will show backlinks only 40-50 with sites authority, for checking backlinks you have to click on the Backlink checker navigation bar and submit site which you want to check their backlinks. This free backlink checker tool available paid and as well as free but if you want to check only for the only site then you don’t need to paid money for this site. You can check their free version of backlink checker. In this tool, you can also add your competitor for their backlinks analysis.

    Linkody backlink tool have many features like:

    • This tool supports multi-user means you can log in the same time one or two users same time from any places.
    • From this tool you can also find bad backlinks which harm your sites
    • You can also able to find Moz data for which you are checking backlinks of the sites
    • You can also enable E-mail notification for the newly created backlinks of your competitor by this tool
    • Most of backlinks tool checker does not provide Alexa Rank but this tool also provides the information of Alexa Rank with backlinks and anchor text

    Also there are many features available like you can generate backlinks reports for your clients, export backlinks data and many more features. This tool has five(5) paid plans If you are a blogger or working for own sites, then you can choose Webmaster plan which is very convenient for any bloggers. If you are an agency or working for your clients and you have more than one sites then you can choose PRO plan which is enough for any agency. Keep in mind that their plan is Per Months.

  • WEB: linkody.com

  • Serpstat

    Serpstat is among the leading, free of cost, backlink Analysis Tool available online. You can analyze your own website as well as your competitor’s website to uncover their link-building and content strategy. The backlink checker from Serpstat gives you:
    Backlink Dashboard – The dashboard where you can check the analyzed site’s referring domains, total pages indexed, referring pages, etc. The page also shows Serpstat’s Page Rank and Trust Rank which are both unique metrics to Serpstat.

    You can study the referring domains, see their Alexa rank and further evaluate the quality of the domains linking back to the website. You can also view anchor text, top pages (based on the number of links on a page). Using this free tool, you can spot linking opportunities for your own content and begin a successful outreach program. With a free account (or no registration) on Serpstat, you can make 10 backlink analysis queries a day. You can upgrade to the premium package if you make a lot of backlink analysis queries a day.

  • WEB: www.serpstat.com/backlinks

  • Backlink Tool

    This is a free website backlinks checker here you can check any websites more than one times as you can. This website backlinks tool don’t need to sign up or registration to find backlinks. You have to just open their site and find your backlinks of a site which you want to find backlinks. From this site, you can also check anchor text, where a link has been placed. This is a free backlinks tool checker which is very easy to use, one time you can only add one website.

    This backlinks online checker tool also provides domain ranks of the sites and link i.e Do-follow or NoFollow. So you can better find where you have to create links. If you want DoFollow links then you can directly click on the DoFollow sites and create backlinks for your sites for better ranking.

  • WEB: backlink-tool.org/backlink-checker

  • Backlink Watch

    Backlink Watch is free of cost, doesn’t offer any subscription option and doesn’t require the user to sign up to access the tool either. It’s particularly great if you are in a hurry and need a detailed review of the of a specific website’s backlinks. Also, there’s no limit on the number of times you can use this tool. The only downside is that it is a bit slow. If you are analyzing a big website with a lot of links, it may take really long processing the links and load the full preview of the report. There are columns available for page rank, anchor text, etc but some of the reports may not as extensive as the ones from premium tools. However, if you just need a glossary of the links, Backlink Watch won’t disappoint you.

  • WEB: www.backlinkwatch.com

  • Rank Signals

    The backlink analysis tool by Rank Signals is free of cost tool that requires a user to login (register). There are no premium upgrades or subscription options available. It’s best to register and login if you often analyze websites for backlinks every day. The tool has a maximum usage limit for users who don’t register and login. As you exhaust the limit, rank signals will show you a box stating register or login to continue. It’s a pretty effective tool that helps in getting complete information regarding the backlinks of a particular website.

    The report gives you information on:

    • Title and URL of referring page
    • Link anchor text and URL (along with nofollow information)
    • Internal and external links
    • Page Rank

    The report also mentions the Alexa traffic rank, unique domain links and page rank for the website you
    are analyzing. You will be able to see if the links are broken and if they exist or don’t. You can also
    download and configure the free of cost Google Chrome extension for the tool.

  • WEB: www.ranksignals.com

  • Small Seo Tools

    Small SEO Tools is better known for its plagiarism checker. But the website is actually a collection of numerous useful tools like Backlink Checker (free of cost). The tool doesn’t require any kind of registration and you can analyze a website’s backlinks without logging in. The downside is that it doesn’t give you a comprehensive report on the backlinks. You don’t get to find out the anchor text, referring domains, PageRank, internal and external links, etc. All this tool gives you is the link of URLs linking back to the website you analyzed. By this backlink tool, you can also track your keywords position with Alexa rank.

    If you won’t want to spend money then this smallseotools is very useful for you to check backlinks without any of cost. If you register on this site then you can get more advanced features with backlinks like DA and PA and many more things.

  • WEB: smallseotools.com/backlink-checker

  • Link Miner

    Link Miner is free of cost backlink checker tool that you can use without signing in. This backlink site provides everything which you need, In linkminer, you can also see the total backlinks of the site, which types of backlinks are like Do-follow or NoFollow. You can also check your backlinks which are deleted or not. In this backlink checker tool, there are a lot of features in one site.

    There is no need for signup and registration for the first time you have to just put your domain name in the search bar and click on find backlinks. You can also export backlinks, this tool shows 50 per page backlinks for one site. Linkminer provides a link on the basis of Citation flow and trust flow so you don’t need to Majestic SEO, here you can get everything which you want
    for finding backlinks.

    The tool gives information on

    • Source URL
    • Citation Flow
    • Trust Flow
    • External Links Volume per page
    • Alexa Rank

    You can analyze further by clicking on active and dofollow links to filter the results. You can further check link category (other, Q&A, blog, etc) and determine newly acquired links and lost links through simple

  • WEB: linkminer.com

  • MOZ Explorer

    MOZ has created a new link explorer where you can find root domain, the subdomain and exact page of any sites which you want to find backlinks. This MOZ link explorer also provides spam score of backlinks. If spam score is more than 2, then don’t create backlinks on that sites. In this MOZ explorer, you have to sign-up, without sign-up, you cannot able to find backlinks. They have a limit for free users i.e 10 queries per months. Means if you have registered as a free then you can find only 10 queries per months. If you want to paid backlink tool then this MOZ explorer is best for you.

  • WEB: moz.com/link-explorer

  • SEMRush

    SEMRush is a robust tool that offers a 7-day free trial which you can access through a simple registration process. You can find all information concerning the backlinks by using the backlinks options under the domain analytics section. The tool is incredibly easy to use and you just have to paste the URL of the website you want to analyze in the bar and run it. While a number of free of costs tools may mess up the results and show inaccurate numbers and backlinks, SEMRush shows accurate backlinks and provides information on:

    • Backlinks
    • Anchors text
    • Referring Domains
    • Referring IPs
    • Indexed Pages
    • Competitors
    • Backlink types (Text, Image, Form or Frame)
    • Dofollow or nofollow
    • External and Internal links

    SEMRush also gives you the option to disavow the links if they are spammy or bad. You can upgrade to the paid account and get up to 10,000 results per a report, 3,000 reports per day while tracking 500 keywords and 5 campaigns. The free trial version only lets you access around 25-27 backlinks. The premium monthly package is available for $99.95 (recurring).

  • WEB: www.semrush.com/features/all/backlinks

  • The Hoth

    The Hoth is the simplest, free of cost tool available for checking backlinks on Google. You need to use your email address to be able to access the results after you type a URL in the bar and run it for analysis. This free backlinks checker tool work on Moz API. This shows the ascending orders backlinks with PA, DA, Moz Rank and spam score, means this shows the backlink first which have high Domain authority sites then lower and so on. So if you want to get DA and PA information during finding backlinks then this the hoth backlink tool provide you everything without any paid. This backlinks tool if totally free of cost, you don’t need to pay any amount for finding backlinks for any sites. This backlinks tool also features in Inc., SEJ, SMX and many top sites for digital marketing.

    It doesn’t give you comprehensive information on the backlinks but provides information on:

    • Linking Page
    • Target Page
    • Moz PA
    • Moz DA
    • MozRank
    • Spam Score

    And, the Hoth gives you the highest authority backlinks so you can anticipate that it skips a majority or low authority links.

  • WEB: www.thehoth.com/backlinks-checker

  • AHrefs

    AHrefs is among the most sophisticated tools that offer a suite of exceptional SEO and social media analysis tools. This tool is designed to help you decode your competitors and track their progress. Not only can you evaluate your competitors’ content but also track the backlinks extensively. Site Explorer is the part that gives you comprehensive insight on a particular website’s backlinks among other things. You can check the dashboard for complete information such as the type and number of the backlinks.

    There’s a function called Top Pages available in Ahrefs. Using this function, you can take a look at the top pages of the website based on social metrics and backlinks. The section Top Grossing Pages lets you determine which pages of the particular website are generating the most attention. Using this section in AHrefs, you can identify the kind of attention and links certain content pages generated in the last 7 days or 30 days (and yesterday). This information lets you understand the high-volume linking periods for a particular piece of content. Checking links through AhrefsThere’s a whole section devoted to links on Ahrefs and it has a number of sub-sections and smaller tools that you can use to perform more functions as you evaluate tools. You can disavow links using AHrefs if you come across plenty of spammy and bad links. AHrefs categorizes links in follow, nofollow, educational, governmental links, etc. This lets you get a clearer picture of the types of links so you can evaluate their value.

    You can use the new and lost links section to determine the links lost and acquired recently. The tool even lets you categorize links based on when they were lost and acquired (yesterday, last week, last month, last 60 days, etc). After observing your new links, you can perform outreach and connect to form a relationship for repeated links or mutual promotion. You can determine broken links to identify linking opportunities on a particular site you want links from. AHrefs has an SEO toolbar available for Firefox and Chrome. The tool lets you learn all about the backlinks among other factors of a particular page when browsing the internet. You can start a 7 day trial for $7.

  • WEB: ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

  • Webmeup

    Webmeup is another great tool for finding backlinks with free and paid both. This online backlinks tool provides the latest links which created on the same days. Their crawler will find a bulk quantity of backlinks. Here you can find Domain and subdomains backlinks, if you want to find only domain backlinks then you can also do that. Sometimes users want only single page backlinks for their work. Suppose my page is like abccc.com/work-backlinks/tools and I want to find backlinks for this page only then this tool gives you the option to find the single page or Exact URL backlinks for your sites or competitors. If you are a blogger then you don’t need to purchase this backlinks tool. You can be registered as a free membership. But if you are an agency and company then you can choose a standard plan for best backlinks tool by this plan you can generate reports 100/months, export up to 3L and you can compare your profile to others, which limit is 5.

    Features for Webmeup backlinks tools

    • Get fresh backlinks with updated
    • Find what you want wheater URLs or single page
    • Get Ips of backlinks sites
    • Get countries details where backlinks created
    • Able to find top Acnhor text with links
    • Also find which URL have most backlinks
    • Only get Uniques backlinks not repeated
    • You can also download backlinks list from this backlinks tool
  • WEB: webmeup.com

  • Seoprofiler

    Seoprofiler is one of the best free backlinks checker tool online. In this tool, there are a lot of features which need for any SEO companies or bloggers, who want to create backlinks for their sites. Right now this site only shows 20 URLs of backlinks for free users, If you want to get full details for backlinks then you have to purchase their plans. In this backlink tool, you can able to see on which date backlinks was created also which types of industries are related to backlinks. When you have registered in SEOprofiler for find backlinks you have to click on Link Profiler–>Backlinks, here you have to enter a site which you want to find backlinks.

    If you have entered your or competitor domain name on the get backlink data then you can also able to see total active backlinks link, Uniques backlinks, how many pages have a link to the homepage, Nofollow links and there are a lot of features. In SEO profiler you can also able to filter links only valid for paid customers not for free registered users. You can also able to audit your website with this tool which is quite similar to SEMRUSH.
    They have a lot of features like, Ranking Monitor, Website Audit, Link profiler, Link Building, Ranking Profiler, Google Ads Profiler, Page Optimization, Keywords Optimization, Uptime Monitor, Website analytics, Social Media and client Reports.

  • WEB: www.seoprofiler.com

There is no shortage of backlink checker tools but your choice of the tool should be influenced by how reliable they are. Do they show comprehensive reports and accurate results? Since link checking and reporting involves database management, really high-quality and reliable tools charge for the upkeep and consistent advancements. But if you are in a hurry and just need a couple of websites checked for backlinks, resorting to free backlink analysis tools is a great alternative. However, if you regularly analyze competition then you can try paid options like Majestic SEO, Open Link Profile (SEO Profiler), linksphinx.com, backlinkr.net etc. These paid tools offer scalable solutions that help you keep an eye on your competition and get every detail of the website.

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