How To Create Backlinks Manually For SEO 2019


If you want to create manually backlinks for your sites then off-page SEO is the best techniques for creating backlinks manually like social bookmarking, directory submission, profile creations, forum submission and many other process which also increased backlinks of your site. So if you have launched a new site then this process is very good techniques for increasing backlinks of website count and your sites domain authority also will increased. More backlinks more DA and PA increased of your sites. Always try to create links from high authority sites, these sites provides your site to gain more traffic and increase backlinks of website manually without any paid.

You can also check you backlinks of your sites I.e how many backlinks you have created so far. There are many free backlinks tools are available where you can check your site backlinks. Backlinks being a chief technique for getting hits for your website, there are a lot of different methods that are used by the digital marketers to grab more and more traffic for their website or page. Following are some useful methods one can apply for getting backlinks to their respective sites

What is backlink?

Backlink is basically a hyperlink to your web page or website from another website. It is one of the most useful digital marketing strategies and popular method used by the digital marketers. Making links from websites with high domain authority (DA) helps in increasing traffic to your website and thus improving rank in Google SERP and online reputation. Not only the websites with high DA, but also backlinking from the websites that is similar with your own page or the website that can give you a platform to get audience for your site, can create good promotion for your webpage. Backlink is also called ‘inbound link’ or ‘incoming link’.

What is backlinks

Types of Backlinks

  1. Dofollow – This is a link which come from another page to your page (any landing page) Search engine boat will also follow your link if the link is dofollow. If there is no any rel tag available then by default link is Dofollow. If you get dofollow link then you can also get link juice with authorities of sites where you get link from another sites.
  2. NoFollow – This is a link which means search engine boat will not crawl your site if boat found nofollow tag in any link. Always try to put nofollow tag in your site which is external link means always put nofollow tag towards another domain for better search engine friendly.
  3. Create free backlinks manually for SEO in 2019

    1. From non-profit sites

      You can get backlinks simply by donating and submitting your URL in the non-profit sites. Your URL will show up in few days and then you can make payment depending on the package or online reputation of the website.

    2. From resource pages

      Webmaster links out to websites that are useful for the readers and relevant to the user’s search from the websites that has resource pages. But for that you need to have a strong resource page or website to provide it to the webmaster.

    3. From infographics

      Infographics make a website’s content more attractive. Backlinks can be made with these infographics too. The focus should be on making it look good and informative so that people approach to it just at the first glimpse. Most of the big brands today use this method of getting backlinks from infographics.

    4. Make bloggers your BFF

      If you are struggling with the promotion of your website or product, then keeping relation with famous bloggers is more important for you than keeping relation with your girlfriend!! If you can make good relation with active bloggers on internet or can reach out to the blogging sites with high DA, you are set! Bloggers always need resource and references to link with their content. So, you can approach a blogger to link their content with yours. You can even provide them free services if it is relatable to both their website and yours.

    5. By giving references

      Did you buy any product or have used any online service recently? How about connecting the respective owner of the product or service and sending them good testimonials? Companies like to promote their products or services by showing their customer’s reviews on social media and other platforms. So, in such cases, backlinking can be done to your own page by making good reviews on the company’s website.

    6. Event creation

      Suppose you are the owner of an organisation and you want online promotion for your organisation’s site or want to advertise an upcoming event at your organisation. Here, you can create events on high DA event creation sites and get your audience know about it along with grabbing backlinks for your site. With nice pictures, description, title and other features you can make your event page look good so that people easily get attracted towards it and you get a click. Moreover many marketers sell tickets and also book passes on these event creation sites, and thus get good revenue.

    7. Guest posting

      Guest posting is one of the best way to get backlinks with high quality. In guest post you don’t need to pay money you need to have just write a content and send to the writer who accepts Guest post articles. In response you will get a backlinks and you will also get a features on their blog under author section with your company name and brand name. Guest post is great way to create backlinks and you will also increase brand awareness of your products or company.

    8. Classified submission

      Classified submission is also a popular method of backlinking. Here you need to post ads and link your website through this. Various paid and free classified submission sites are available on Google where you can add your post by describing about your site, uploading pictures and adding any updates about your service or product. Before posting ad you need to register in that site and verify your details. Many low quality and unsafe sites are available in the internet now a days, so in choosing any site for classified it should be keep in mind that these sites are error free and of good quality.

    9. Backlink from Google

      Most of the link builders are not aware about how to create backlink from google, backlinks from the google is DoFollow which created from the Google Plus profile. For creating backlinks from Google you must have sign in with your Gmail account. Now click on the Google plus profile and create your company or website profile. When you have created your company or website profile on the G+ then click on About section and add description about your site with keywords and give a link on your targeted keywords. This link is free and also provide value to your sites.

    10. Backlinks from google

    11. Directory submission

      Directory submission is comparatively an easy way of backlinking, where you just need to add your website’s url and some basic information. In many of the free directory submission sites you can only submit your home page url but for the paid sites you can submit URL for both the home page and other pages of your website. Again here one should pay attention for the submitting sites to be error free and so that it could not create any impairment to your website. Moreover high DA and local sites are always preferred for submission.

    12. Pressing the ‘like’ is not enough!

      Impressed with the content? Got valuable information from the blog? Don’t just smile and sit back. Put your comment. Good commenting in nice blogs can help you get backlinks. But that doesn’t mean you just say ‘nice blog’ or ‘keep it up’ just to add your website there. Share your thoughts for the blog or you can event put questions. A relevant and valuable comment will definitely attract people to dig into your website and that creates really good impression.

    13. Forum submission

      There are online forums, meet up groups and conferences where you can share your opinion about a particular topic. There are also some popular sites like Quora, Yahoo answers, Fluther, StackExchange etc. where you can put questions and also can write answers. These are some good source for getting backlinks. Just you need to maintain a good quality for your answers and submissions.

    14. Videos Submission

      In this era where you can get the whole world with just one click, if you are provided with two options of content and videos, you definitely would like to prefer videos. However content for SEO just don’t include only text, it can have videos too. So, putting nice videos can help you get more backlinks. Introducing nice and brief videos is a trending technique today.

    15. Wikipedia

      If you want to create a backlink on the Wikipedia then you must have valuable content which is related to Wikipedia. Never try to spam make your genuine link with relevant content. Now how to create link on Wikipedia ? So when you open any Wikipedia page some time you will find that red color link, means there is no link or any reference available for that page so create link on that page. You can also create a link on External links section by editing page of Wikipedia but your page should be core related to this page otherwise your link will be removed from the board members.

    16. Roundups

      Do you have a popular blog page? If yes, you might get backlinks naturally. Roundups are some brief posts that assemble best content over the last few days or months. So, if your blog is popular enough you might get links from the roundups naturally. If you are a fresher and just starting up with blogs you can reach out and cast your content. But make sure that you link your best contents that are really useful and have high chances of getting hits.

    17. Editorial Link

      Editorial links are the links which is very famous and get more traffics with high CTR on the content which is the most famous and get editorial link by another sites as references. So for editorial link your content must be good quality and rank well in the search engine SERP page. Users or blogger automatically link to your sites which is called editorial link. Suppose you have a content which is very famous on all the platform included like social media and search engines, so others writer will provide backlinks to your that post which is most famous. So on that way you can also get increase your backlinks very well without any of cost.

    Factors affecting for free high quality backlinks manually

    Just because there are free online sites for creating backlinks, doesn’t mean you try all the methods to and fro. Creating bad links can harm your site more than not creating any. Here are some of the factors that affect backlinking:

    • Age of the linking domain matters backlinking. Backlinks from the old domains are more powerful than new ones.
    • Number of domains linking to a page is proportional to ranking in Google’s SERP. This is where quantity matters. More number of linking domains to a page, more it is helpful in boosting rank in Google’s SERP.
    • Anchor text occupies minor portion in SEO now a days, but keyword rich anchor text still has good impact.
    • Alt tag for image is also chosen from keyword rich text. Alt text for images acts as anchor text for images.
    • Page authority (PA) of the linking page can affect a backlink. Backlinks from high PA sites are always preferred.
    • Similar to PA the domain authority (DA) of the linking page also affect on the backlink of the page. Backlink from a site to your site means that site wants to promote your site and draw the attention of the audience. So, reference from a high DA site in backlinking is always a plus.
    • Sponsored links may decrease a link’s value. Sponsored links are basically paid ads in the form of a hypertext link. If you relate backlinking for your site with sponsored links or link partners it may decrease your link’s value.
    • A competitor’s link to your site may have more value and it gives weight to the link. If your site gets link from another site that is ranking in the same SERP, it will be more helpful to your site’s ranking for that particular keyword.
    • Guest posting is a good method for getting backlinks. You can write a blog for a website and get links to your website in return. But large scale guest posting can harm your website.
    • Backlinks can be made with 301 redirects. But backlinks coming from a large chain of many redirect links can weaken some page rank. This should be limited to just one or two. However 301 redirects from one page of a website to another page of a website is fine. There is no limit for that.
    • Create backlinks Manually

    • The position of the link also has impact on the value of the link. The links placed at the starting of an article has higher value then the links placed below.
    • If a page has a title with a keyword that is been used in your page, a link from such pages are always preferred in SEO.
    • Links from .edu or .gov domains get more value than regular domains. Along with backlinks from other usual sites, a link from .edu or .gov domain is a cherry on the top!
    • You can put links at any location in your website. But links that are placed within the content of the webpage is considered to be stronger than the links that are placed at the footer or header of the page.
    • As the number of backlinks to a site matters in many cases digital marketers try to grab backlinks even from sites that are not relevant to their site. Though the quantity matters, but links from sites that has relevancy to your site are more powerful than the sites that has no relevancy.

    Benefits Creating Backlinks Manually

    Boosting ranking in Google SERP, being the main motto of search engine optimization, backlinking has tremendous contribution towards that. More good backlinks, more is the traffic, more you get audience, more is your online reputation and higher is the rank in Google SERP. What if Nicholas Copernicus after his discovery would not have published his theory, we couldn’t know that the Sun is at the center of the solar system with the planets revolving around it!! Same is the case with your content. If you have great content and valuable information but people couldn’t find you it has no value. Backlinks help in finding your site and thus introducing you to the audience.

    Backlinks improves organic ranking. If your site gets organic links from other sites it will definitely impact positively in Google’s ranking. Backlinks also help in crawling your site effectively. Higher is the no. of backlinks higher is the chance of faster indexing. Moreover when someone clicks on a hyperlink that redirects to your site, analytics tracks the click as referral visit to your site. So, backlinking thus helps in getting referral traffic.

    Gone are those days when even the low quality of backlinks were considered for ranking. But with the changes in Google’s algorithm, now a days the quality of the sites from which your site is getting backlinks matters a lot. Moreover the sites from which your site is getting backlinks should be relevant to your site. For instance if your site is about fashion and you are getting backlinks from sites about politics, it will not help much. So, keeping both quantity and quality in mind, one should be very careful in creating backlinks so that it could not harm your site and you get the pure juice out of it to boost your website’s ranking in Google SERP.

    How To Create Backlinks Manually For SEO 2019
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