{Solved} How To Fix Temporarily Unreachable In Google Webmaster


Temporarily unreachable in the Google webmaster is a common error while occurs, when you try to submit your website’s URL to “fetch as Google” option in the Google Webmaster tool. “Temporarily unreachable” “fetch as google”
error occurs when Googlebot, spider or crawler is not able to fetch your website’s URL which you want to submit properly. When the bot timeout reaches maximum time then a message appears temporarily unreachable. Fetch as Google gives you another chances to submit your URLs (If you want to immediately show the result on the search engine), which has not crawled or indexed by the search engine. Most of the time sitemap takes too long to include the URLs in their directory and then the search engines start crawling the sitemap of your website and results start appearing on the search engines. This process will take approx 1 to 3 days to update your website data through the sitemap.

If you have submitted your website’s URL directly from the “fetch as Google” option in GWT, then the Google bot search engine or robot will soon start to crawl and index your website’s URL which you have been submitted. After an hour your URL will appear on the search engine page. If you want to fix this problem Google search console temporarily unreachable then you have to check few points which are listed below here.

How to fix temporarily ureachable in Google Webmaster

  • Test your robots.txt file

    Sometimes temporarily unreachable is occurred due to robots.txt file. If you have disallowed any URL’s of your website this might be affected on your website which causes this error. So before proceeding further you must have tested all the URL’s on the robots.txt file.


  • Check URLs during submitting fetch as Google

    When you have submitted your URL manually one by one in the section of webmaster at fetch as Google, keep in mind that remove ( / ) slashed before the URL’s and then click on the fecth or fetch and render.

    check url when you fetch as google

  • Server not responding properly

    If you are submitting URL’s within a second after one by one simultaneously then server get stuck and takes too much time to respond back, so keep calm and fetch your URL’s after one by one within the 1 min time frame. This is another one reason for temporarily unreachable. After this, if the same thing happened then you have to contact your service providers.

    Primary reason: This is one of the most common factors which causes this “temporarily unreachable” error. So if you have submitted your URL via “fetch as Google” option in the Google webmaster and are facing the “temporarily unreachable” error, then make sure to wait 4-5 hours and after that, you can again submit your URL you will not get an error. Suppose If you are submitting your websites’ URL (Fetch as Google) in the morning then try to submit in the evening. You will surely get success.

    Server not responding properly

  • Re-submit your website sitemap

    Sometimes sitemap is another reason for the temporarily unreachable in the Google webmaster. The reason behind is wrong format of sitemap submitted. So when you are going to start submitting sitemap please test your sitemap before the submitting website sitemap and delete previous one sitemap. Also keep in mind that try to avoid mistake slash ( / ) before the URL.

    If you are using WordPress site then, you can use WordPress sitemap plugins like All in One SEO and Yoast SEO for better user friendly search engine sitemap. If you have dynamic website then you can create sitemap manually online tools like xml-sitemaps.com and xmlsitemapgenerator.org these sitemap tools are famous for the creating website sitemap. Then download that sitemap which you have created and upload on the root folder of your server.
    re submit website sitemap

  • Check your preferred domain

    This one is another common problem which happened with most of the website. Preferred domain is causing an error when you are not submitting correct URL’s according to your preferred domain. Check your preferred domain in the Google webmaster tool property which you have selected for your website. Suppose, for example, if the current search console property is to http://example.com you cannot fetch a URL from https://example.com or http://m.example.com. Otherwise when you’ve verified only one property and try to submit another URL which related to another one then this problem occurs.

    For checking preferred domain in the Google webmaster click on the right side of setting icon > site settings > here you can see your website preferred domain which you have selected. If you don’t want to set preferred domain then click on the 1st one and if you have chosen your preferred domain then you have to select according to your preferred domain.

    choose your preferred domain

  • Make sure don’t block Googlebot from meta robot

    If you have used Meta robots on your website, then you must have checked that if you have blocked the Googlebot with no index and no follow. If you not able to check then you can check from the Google webmaster in the section of crawl > robots.txt or directly on the website by pressing ctrl+U and find for the robots keywords and check is there any noindex and nofollow add after the robots words.

    • < meta name= "robots" content="noindex, nofollow" >
    • < meta name= "googlebot" content="noindex, nofollow">

    block Googlebot from meta robot

  • Above these are meta tags which used for the block Googlebot. If you find such type of meta tags then you have to remove this meta as soon as possible.

  • Don’t cross the 500 limit per month

    Google webmaster has certain limits to fetch the URL’s, (limit of 500 URL’s per week per Webmaster Tools account) the limit has been 500 per properties. If you cross this limits then you can face issue with Temporarily unreachable in Google Webmaster error occurs. Some users who have crossed this limits they get such types of error message on the Google webmaster.

All the above tips are very necessary for how to fix Temporarily unreachable in Google Webmaster. If you have followed above steps carefully and try to solve then you will sure rid this problem.

But, If you are still getting such types of error on the Google Webmaster after revising above steps then you have to wait for an hour or maybe one day to fetch the URL’s. Sometimes everything is working fine but you still getting this error because of server, so no need to panic just wait for a day or 2 – 4 hours then try to fetch your URL’s again and you will surely get success.

If you like this post or still have any query related to this problem then you can ask by the below by comment section related to fix Temporarily unreachable in Google Webmaster.

{Solved} How To Fix Temporarily Unreachable In Google Webmaster
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9 Responses

  1. I am having the “temporarily unreachable” message when I index. I will following the recommendations and hopefully it will help. Thank you for posting.

  2. raju says:

    i am also getting the same issue “temporarily unreachable”

  3. In the Robots.txt all CSS, javascript, pages are allowed, sitemap updated and not block any resources still I am getting “temporarily unreachable”. please give a solution.

  4. JemandAnders says:

    hi and thank you for your post…

    we are running into an error with temp unreachable too, but sometimes it works and everything is perfect, and sometimes we get temp unreachable on every image, js- or css-file.

    we took a look at the server logs when the temp unreachables occured, but every request done by search console got a 200er state from our server.

    our servers response time is great and everything works for all visitors.. we set up search console to manage the request amount automatically (think its the best way)

    what else could it be?

    • TendToRead says:

      HI Jemand,
      Thanks for commenting, Never submit URL like a JS, CSS or any Irrelevant URL which Google webmaster not support. If you still getting a temporarily unreachable error let us know we ‘ll help you.

  5. Vidnado says:

    I am having the same issue when I try to “Fetch as Google” I get this error “Temporarily unreachable” but when I try to fetch any inner page I get normal response “Complete”. Kindly help me out to solve this problem. My homepage is still uncached and still, I have no idea to bring back out of this problem. My username has my website URL kindly check it why it’s still not cached.
    Thanks in advance.

    • TendToRead says:

      Thanks for writing your valuable comments, If you face this problem on your homepage then you must clear the cache of server and try to submit after 3 Hrs. If you still get such problem then let us know through E-mail.

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