SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

If you are searching for SEO Interview Questions and Answers then here you can find the latest SEO questions and answers for you interview and for your knowledge. Today SEO is one of most important part of any company whether you are running a business or website.

Why need SEO Question and Answer

If you want or working in SEO company you know everything about SEO but most of the people who going for an interview and they know many new terms for related to SEO. Basically, If you are reading SEO interview questions and answers then your basic SEO would be strong practically and theoretically. Most of the questions on interview you don’t about this but, if you have study SEO questions and answer. You give perfect answer of that questions.

SEO optimization has been a definitive popular expression in the advanced media for a significantly long time. From content promoting to pulling in an overwhelming movement to any sites and guaranteeing the achievement of any online networking effort, SEO is the way to achievement!

Website design enhancement has the world of itself; it contains a vocabulary and dialect of its own with a profoundly developing history. The usefulness of SEO is very hard to decipher, yet so one of a kind! However, our pursuit on the Google patterns indicates how reliably SEO has been sought after among worldwide enterprises. It implies you can have lucrative vocation in SEO on the off chance that you know how to make it function! Get some information about it, and following a couple of hours, you will get yourself totally perplexed! Get some information about it, and they will attempt to teach you with its extreme details!
That is the reason I have shared some fundamental SEO inquiries and replies in a clear way which are certain to help you comprehend it better.

Questions answers on SEO

We have enrolled here valuable SEO inquiries questions asked by top managers. In this way, you don’t have to circumvent incorporating data about SEO before your meeting.

SEO interview questions and answers.

  1. What is SEO and why is it so essential?

    In straight forward words, SEO or Search Engine Optimization indicates to any action performed for the change of Search Engine rankings of sites, items, administrations or other content. It indicates unpaid outcomes which are likewise alluded to as “free”, “natural”, “organic” traffics.

  2. What is Keywords Density ?

    The amount of percentange of keywords or pharases which use in your contents for optimizing. Bascilly keywords density calculated by the formula ( No. Of Keywords /Total Number of content ) ∗ 100. Suppose If you have content with 100 words then and use keywords two keywords then total keywords density is 2 %. Which is very good for search engine. Don’t stuff and loaded with full keywords.

  3. What is Keywords Prominence ?

    Keywords prominence place your prominent keywords or keywords pharses on prominent place of your webpage like Meta tags, Header tags, paragraph, anchor text and create strong tag and place your prominent keywords.

  4. What is Keywords Proximity ?

    Keyword Proximity Refer to closeness of keywords which close to each other. Suppose example if keyword is “Buy Nokia mobile” then you write “buy cheap online nokia mobile” then the proximity distance between buy and Nokia too much. Try to keep your proximity distance between keywords least as possible.

  5. What is SEO and its type?

    Site design improvement or SEO is a procedure of continue changing the position of a page or site in a web search tool comes about by utilizing keywords or expressions.

    Two Types of SEO are

    • On Page Optimization
    • Off Page Optimization
  6. What are the SEO tools do you utilize?

    The SEO tools are Google analytics, keywords research, Alexa, open site explorer, Google Webmaster, Aherf, Majestic SEO, LSI Graph and

  7. What are heading tags?

    In SEO, heading or header tags are utilized to isolate the heading and sub-heading of any content from whatever is left of the website page. There are 6 heading labels utilized as a part of SEO in a top down progressive system. Running from h1 to h6, header tags get intelligibility content alongside pertinence and watchword consistency in the list items showed on SERPs.

  8. Difference between SMO and SEM?

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it is utilized for the advancement of site through Search Engine Result Page (SERP), while to advance the query output of your site page or site SMO (Social Media Optimization) is for brand awareness for products and website utilized.

  9. Will you educate me something regarding Googlebot?

    To file a website page Google utilizes the Googlebot programming. Reserving, Crawling and ordering of a website page are done through Googlebot by gathering subtle elements from that site page.

  10. What is Cross linking and what are the capacity of Cross linking?
    • Cross connecting is used to insinuate the path toward interfacing one site to another site and give a way to deal with allow the getting to it.
    • It gives the customers reference districts that involve the substance related to the chase.
    • It ought not to be guaranteed by an unclear individual from it gives the techniques that have been founded on the Internet.
    • It fills the need to show the page on the web crawlers utilizing site design improvement procedures and techniques.
    • The site positioning is ascertained on the premise of the significance of the destinations and after that it is pondered the web search tool.
    • It utilizes SEO devices that give proportional connections and inbound connections that can be utilized as our SEO.
  11. What is the principle purpose behind utilizing keyword in SEO?

    Keyword is a solitary word, and keeping in mind that a blend of those keywords makes phrases. These keywords or expressions are utilized by the web search tools to populate the subjects over the web. Web crawler stores keywords in the database, and when pursuit is done, it will think of the most ideal match.

  12. Will you specify the elements of body content pertinence?

    At whatever point there is a content that does not have pictures on the website page is eluded as body content significance or non-picture content. It helps in great enhancement of the locales and furthermore to enhance you’re positioning in the web index.

  13. What are Robots, spiders, and Crawlers and what are their capacities?

    Creepy crawlies, robot and crawler, they are all same and alluded by various names. It is a product program that takes after or “Slithers” diverse connections all through the web, and after that snatches the content from the locales and adds to the internet searcher files.

  14. What is difference between Crawl and Indexing

    Crawling deal with a crawl or spider or bot which fetch your web page content and give information to the web. whereas indexing refers to when crawling is done then whole content gone for indexing when your web page index means your website appear on Serch engine.

  15. Note: Every crawled pages not indexed by search engine but every index pages get crawled by search engine

  16. What are paid results?

    Paid results in SEO mean the correct inverse of natural outcomes. It for the most part means to promotions that are shown over the natural outcomes. A few site proprietors make installments to Google to show their sites for certain pursuit terms or keywords. Paid results show up when some client enters an inquiry question with those keywords.

  17. What is SEO friendly URL?

    SEO friendly optimize URLs are utilized to streamline the structure and word utilization in URLs so that the way toward ordering a site via web search tools get to be distinctly moved forward. Search engine optimization methods, for example, putting keywords and having appropriate length and record structure in the URLs, help in enhancing site positioning and upgrading site route.

    Valid URL:
    Invalid URL:

    Web crawlers (Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.) and clients may have issues with convoluted URLs. Perfect and straightforward URL helps clients and web indexes to comprehend a page subject effortlessly.

  18. What do you mean by Cloaking?

    Shrouding is a beguiling method for advancing inquiry. In this procedure an alternate content will be looked by the web crawler than what is displayed or sought by the clients.

  19. Characters limits Of Meta Tags?

    There are two sorts Meta tags in SEO.

    • Depiction Meta tag with 150-160 characters limits
    • Title Meta tag with 55-60 characters limits
  20. What is Canonical URL?

    Accepted URLs identify with the idea of selecting the best URL for the pages that the guests need to see. Likewise, known as accepted labels, these URLs help in content syndication when different variants of a same page get to be distinctly accessible over the Internet. In this way, it is utilized to determine issues identified with content duplication.

    For instance, the vast majority would consider these similar urls:

  21. What is Google Sandbox?

    Google sandbox is a nonexistent zone where new sites and their pursuit rating are put on hold until they demonstrate commendable to rank. At the end of the day, it checks the standard of the site.

  22. Educate me something regarding Black Hat SEO?

    With a specific end goal to get a high positioning in web search tool result page, sites go for different strategies and systems which are portrayed by two classes. One technique that is adequate via web index rules is known as White Hat SEO, while the other strategy which is not satisfactory via web search tool rules is known as Black Hat SEO.

  23. Why are backlinks critical in SEO?

    From the point of view of SEO, there is a contrast amongst backlinks and quality backlinks.
    For Google seek, arbitrary backlinks don’t offer any offer assistance. Google surveys the nature of the backlinks display on a website page with the significance found in the content of both the site pages. The higher is the significance between the first content and backlink content, the more noteworthy turns into the nature of the backlinks.

  24. What is a Do-Follow link?

    A Do-Follow Link, as the name recommends, permits Google interface number cruncher called PageRank to check all the inbound connections from other site pages and sites as connection focuses. The higher the connection squeeze or connection focuses are, the more prominent would be the hunt positioning of that page, as these connections make the website page seem exceptionally important and mainstream to the Google web indexes.

  25. What is a No-Follow link?

    A No-Follow link is precisely the inverse of a Do-Follow interface in that capacity the connection characteristics don’t permit the Google bots to tail them. These connections can’t be trailed by robots; no one but people can do it.

  26. Example Of No-Follow
    a href="" rel="nofollow">Link text

  27. What is PPC

    PPC remains for Pay per Click and is a promotion crusade facilitated by Google. It is divided into two modules CPC (Cost per click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) through level rate and offering separately. In CPC, if the client taps on the advert, at exactly that point the promoter will be charged.

  28. What is 301 redirect?

    It is a strategy by which the client is diverted to new page URL to old page URL. It is a lasting sidetrack and it is additionally helpful in guiding connection juice to new URL from old URL.

  29. What is LSI In SEO?

    LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing which means similar words. Suppose If you are using in you content keywords called “Image” and user search for picture then image and picture related to same words so try to use similar words in your content if you publishing a content on your blog for proper ranking.

  30. What are Webmaster tools?

    Website admin device is an administration gave by Google from where you can get backlink data, crawl errors, search inquiries, Indexing information, CTR and so forth.

  31. Name Types of Google Algorithms Updates
    • Google Hummingbird
    • Google Mobile Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon- launched in 2015)
    • Google Panda Update
    • Google Penguin Update
    • Google Pigeon Update
    • Google Payday Update
    • Google Pirate Update
    • Read More about Google Algorithms updates

  32. What is Robots.txt ?

    Robots.txt is a file or coding text where you gives instruction to bot block or allow your webpage URL of your website by simple code which is:

    User-agent: *
    Allow: For allow ( By default All pages are allowed you can disallow by below code )
    Disallow: / It’s disallow your page which you won’t want to crawl bot.

    To view you robots.txt file just type in you browser”

SEO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced
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