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Video submission sites are one of the vital techniques in SEO for grabbing traffic and boosting rank of one’s website. Submission of a high quality video with great content, useful information and required updates in high authority video submission sites can do magic for your site! Any blogger or website owner who wants to increase his page rank in Google SERP or any business owner who wants to market his products or services online, video submission is an unavoidable SEO technique to be followed.

Whether its video call, video conference, any entertaining videos or advertisements through videos, now-a-days videos have become the most popular medium for communicating, sharing and showing. That is related with the fact that video has now taken 64 percent of the internet traffic making it one of the most effective media on the web. That is why almost every blogger, digital marketer or business owner are preferring video submission in popular and video submission sites so as to get good amount of backlinks to their sites and increase in the website’s traffic. Whether it is a paid or a free video submission site, the technique of video submission has now become a very powerful off page SEO method.


Importance of Video submission- marketing, backlinking etc.

In this era of digitalisation, people always live in a tight time schedule and going through a long process of understanding the content through pictures, various documents or reading words patiently is quite a hard work! So a nice useful video always attracts people more than any image, graphics, document file or audio file. Hence video submission in high authority video submission sites has now become a very popular approach and is adopted by many in regards to increase backlinking, gaining traffic and thus boosting their site’s rank in Google SERP.

The importance of video submission or the advantage of video submission for SEO is huge. Following are some reasons:

  • It is useful in promoting your brand online. If you own a business service or product and want to advertise to get the audience know about it or consume it, sharing the information through a video is always more preferable and highly effective.
  • It is helpful in obtaining a good number of visitors in business website.
  • Along with inviting your visitors to click on your website or to visit the website, you can show the product details or service details that you are offering through the video.
  • Helps in collecting high quality backlinks for your site.
  • It helps in boosting website’s rank in Google SERP.
  • Video submission in high authority video submission sites can improve your website’s DA, PA, PR and Alexa ranking as well.

Video submission sites

As already mentioned, submission of videos with good content in paid or free video submission sites can work very positively in gathering traffic for a website. But it is also should be in mind that submission of anything and everything just to get more and more backlinks can be harmful. It also has high chance of spamming. So, while choosing a video submission site one should be very careful and methodical.

How to submit videos in video submission sites

Following are the steps involved in video submission. Anyone can follow these steps in order to link building for websites or online promotion, advertising and online marketing:

1st step– 1st of all you need to create a video describing all the details of your programme, services or products which you want to feature. The video may also include the details of your business, owner’s introduction, members etc. The video file can be MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI or WMV. In video submission for link building, MP4 format is most commonly used.

2nd step– If the video is not in MP4 video file format, it is better that you convert it into MP4 video file format.

3rd step– Make the video attractive. It is necessary to make the video nice and appealing so that it can attract visitor’s attention. For making a nice video you can use images that describe your business website in the form of snapshots at proper place.

4th step– Make the video short, simple and easily understandable. The ideal time for videos for submitting in a video submitting site is 2-5 minutes. So ideally a video should not be more than 5 minutes.

5th step– When your video is ready to be submitted, select some high DA video submitting sites. You can select from the above mentioned sites. Most of the above mentioned sites have high DA & PA. If you select the sites from other sources, just keep in mind that the sites that you select should atleast have more than 20 DA & PA and more than 1 page rank.

6th step– You need to register on the website before uploading a video. So register there by filling up required blanks providing true and genuine information.

7th step– After registering, now you can submit your video by clicking on the tabs like ‘share your video’, ‘upload your video’, ‘submit your video’, submit a video file’, ‘post your video’ etc.

8th step– There will be option for submitting your website’s url. So put your website’s url there to which you want backlinks and submit.

Free Video Submission Sites List

Sr. No. VIdeo Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA)
1 vidmax.com 55
2 flickr.com 53
3 dailycomedy.com 48
4 vidivodo.com 99
5 hulu.com 84
6 cuts.com 36
7 flightlevel350.com 91
8 myspace.com 99
9 bigcontact.com 43
10 MySpace.com 95
11 vimeo.com 95
12 fotki.com 80
13 liveleak.com 84
14 4shared.com 93
15 godtube.com 90
16 eyespot.com 55
17 fark.com/video 25
18 freevlog.org 42
19 Vube.com 43
20 viemo.com 22
21 broadbandsports.com 43
22 filmupload.de 80
23 hausgemacht.tv 83
24 duclip.com 80
25 bofunk.com 47
26 babelgum.com 84
27 dumpalink.com 55
28 hictu.com 94
29 video.google.com 92
30 blogtv.com 56
31 fliqz.com 91
32 video.aol.com 93
33 viddler.com 74
34 hamburg1video.de 76
35 yahoo.com 87
36 funnyplace.org 78
37 ustream.tv 92
38 brightcove.com 85
39 facebook.com 100
40 collegehumor.com 85
41 flicklife.com 41
42 dumpthe.net 42
43 Twitch.tv 93
44 fotki.com 80
45 video.yahoo.com 91
46 metacafe.com 89
47 vine.co 90
48 bgvip.tv 85
49 expotv.com 51
50 flurl.com 48
51 ning.com 51
52 crovideos.com 25
53 esnips.com 79
54 reddit.com/r/videos 89
55 funnyhub.com 55
56 tumblr.com 79
57 flukiest.com 36
58 dogster.com/video 73
59 dropshots.com 80
60 jibjab.com 78
61 buzznet.com 80
62 aniboom.com 76
63 indiavideo.org 47
64 getmiro.com 85
65 grindtv.com 91
66 clipfish.de 73
67 youtube.com 99
68 funnyjunk.com 56
69 famster.com 37
70 clipjunkie.com 40
71 Viewster.com 67
72 dekhona.com 89
73 helpfulvideo.com 88
74 fark.com 49
75 blip.tv 76
76 engagemedia.org 43
77 funnyordie.com 42
78 rediff.com 90
79 ramp.com 68
80 mefeedia.com 73
81 aeeboo.com 67
82 PhotoBucket.com 92
83 izlesene.com 78
84 regentseo.com 24
85 danerd.com 50
86 flipclip.net 47
87 filecow.com 47
88 apnatube.com 56
89 bubblare.se 39
90 netflix.com 93
91 clipmoon.com 36
92 crunchyroll.com 92
93 veoh.com 80
94 break.com 84
95 teachertube.com 62
96 dailyhaha.com 60
97 video.ibm.com 92
98 Heavy.com 72
99 guzer.com 78
100 myvideo.de 85
101 cnettv.cnet.com 95
102 dailymotion.com 60
103 clesh.com 99
104 sapo.pt 93
105 disclose.tv 79
106 360daily.com 67
107 gorillamask.net 91

So, are you ready for video submission sites!

With the increasing no. of websites, online businesses, e-commerce sites, global communication mediums and easy availability and accessibility of internet, the competing of rank holding, rank boosting in Google SERP and gathering traffic for websites by attracting visitors have also increased. But in the verse of increasing rank in Google one should not forget that in many cases quality do matters more than. So it is important to focus on high quality sites for backlinking along with larger amount of backlinks to your site. Hope the above information on video submission for SEO helps you regarding improvement of your site’s ranking and get you more and more traffic very fast.

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