Top 60+ Affiliate Marketing Sites List in India & USA (Highest Paying)


Have you blog and want to earn money online through affiliate marketing then you can earn money through affiliate marketing $1000/day. Here we have added list of affiliate marketing sites that paying great amount of money. Below added affiliate marketing sites deal with all countries like USA, India, UK and other counties.

Here you can also find top ten of the best affiliate marketing sites which have great user value like Amazon Associates, FlexOffers, ShareASale, Affiliate Window, Rakuten, PeerFly, Stmforum, affiliate.flipkart, vcommission and clickbooth are there are many affiliate program which listed below.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing which is based on the Internet marketing where you can earn money (as rewards or conversion) for each visitors. “affiliates” means to earn a commission by recommending the product to others via any platform.

How to create affiliate program for sites

  • First you have to find affiliate sites list
  • Then sign-Up for their affiliates program(In sign-up you have to enter basic details of your websites)
  • Choose their products which you want to create affiliate on your site
  • Create tracking URL or short URL for tracking purpose

Advantage of adding affiliate marketing

According to 2017 – 2018 research from top affiliate sites and Internet marketing shows that affiliate marketing contribute 30%-40% market capita and business sales. There are many sites who generate big amount of money through affiliate marketing and earn $1000 per day. So if you are interested in affiliate marketing and have a blog/website, then you can also try these affiliate marketing for your site and start earning money.

You can also share you affiliate links on your social media profile during sales and any other offer. Try to make niche affiliate which is relevant to you and other users who click on that link.

Useful Tips to Increase Affiliate program Revenue

  • Tip #1 Be aware of your product
  • Tip #2 Traffic Matter
  • Tip #3 Always follows the instruction
  • Tip #4 Ask questions
  • Tip #5 Stay open-minded
  • Tip #6 Be patient
  • Tip #7 Be active

List of affiliate marketing sites highest paying

Sr. No. Affiliate Marketing Sites List Countries
1 India & USA
2 India & USA
4 India & USA
5 India & USA
6 India & USA
7 India & USA
8 India & USA
9 India & USA
10 India & USA
11 India & USA
12 India & USA
13 USA
14 India & USA
15 India & USA
16 India
17 USA
18 India
19 India
20 India & USA
21 India
22 India
23 India
24 India
25 India & USA
26 India
27 India
28 India
29 USA
30 India & USA
31 India & USA
32 India & USA
33 India & USA
34 India & USA
35 India & USA
36 India & USA
37 India & USA
38 India & USA
39 India & USA
40 India & USA
41 India & USA
42 India & USA
43 India & USA
44 India & USA
45 India & USA
46 India & USA
47 India & USA
48 India & USA
49 India & USA
50 India & USA
51 India & USA
52 USA
53 India & USA
54 India & USA
55 India & USA
56 India & USA
57 India & USA
58 India & USA
59 India
60 India & USA
61 India & USA
62 India
63 India
64 India

So, above we have added affiliate marketing sites list of India and USA, If you want to earn money through affiliate marketing then you can start working on above mentioned sites. Registered your self and start making money through your blog or website.

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