{Solution} Brightness Button Not Working In Windows 10 HP


If you are still facing most common problems of PC that is brightness not working in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 then here we will guide you how to solve this problem with few steps. If you PC brightness button not working then there are many reasons behind which causes a problem like software, some features of PC not working properly and many more things. This problem occurs mostly in DELL, Lenovo and HP PC which is really so annoying when you working on your PC, watching movies, videos and playing games.

For solving brightness not working in windows 10 or 8.1, problems you don’t need to call customer supports or any tecnical person you have to just know about the basic funcality of the computers, all you need is to have a very basic knowledge of your system which you can get from microsoft product website or even from a simple Google search mentioning your problem and the system’s name or model number or if you can’t access the internet then you can also get some basic knowledge about your system from the manual which would have come with the package when you had bought your system.

DELL and HP these are two most common laptop or desktop which used by the most of the customers. There are many reasons behind for brightness not working, one of them is graphics problems. If you are using any of the following Microsoft Windows version 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, this problem will occur which causes your PC.

Why brightness not working In windows 10 HP

  • Installed malicious software
  • Some features of your computer not working(Check from task manager)
  • Updated your windows 8.1 or 10
  • Check your keyboard buttons
  • Third party software installed
  • Graphic updated which causes brightness not working
  • Firewell not working properly
  • Virus in your PC (Need to scan your PC)
  • You’ve updated your windows but software not installed properly

Above we have added major reason why brightness button not working of your PC. So keep your laptop or PC away from unknown software. Always keep in mind that if you’re installing any software keep your eyes on the check mark because when we start installing any software we just follow their steps next -> next-> and then install. So guys during installation keep your eyes on the tick mark and their software guidelines which protect your PC from unknown software. If your brightness button not working in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 then you can apply any one of steps below I’ve mentioned. I’ve also added Images for your convenience that you can better understand how can you apply these procedures, from where and which file should you need to open(File). So let’s start.

how to solve If brightness not working in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

Step 1:

Press Windows button and R (Window + R) simultaneously then a RUN window will open and type Control and press OK button. After click on the OK button new window will open of the control panel.


Step 2:

Click on Device Manager after clicking on device manager new window will be open.


Step 3:

Find here Display Adapters and click on this button, this will show your computer graphic details which you have, there are two graphics most of computers first one is Integrated which built by Intel and another one is like AMD or Nvidia which installed on high rated computers or PC.

Click on display adapters

Step 4:

If you have two Graphic cards then double click on the second one graphic, which is third party graphic card, after double clicking new tab will open then click on Driver tab.


Right click on the third party Graphic card then click on Properties then new tab will be open after that click on the tab Driver.

Third party Graphics card

Step 5:

After clicking on driver tab you can see the below Graphic details like Driver Date, Driver Version, Update Driver and Roll Back Driver.

Step 6 :

Graphic Details

If your computer graphics driver has updated and Roll Back Driver button is clickable then click on Roll Back Driver button (This is one types of reason which causing brightness not working on your laptop or PC) when you click on the roll-back button then your graphic will be get back to previous version. When you have completed roll back of computer graphics card then please restart your PC or laptop for the better experience.

Step 7 :

If you have only Integrated Graphic then apply the same procedure for this which we’ve described above.

Step 8 :

If you have rolled back your computer graphics card and still results not come out then below I’ve added another process to get rid brightness not working in PC or laptop problem.

Another steps If brightness not working in any windows


Before doing this procedure please transfer your files and other important software to the external drive if you have. This step sure solve your problems of brightness not working on your PC.

Here we will tell you how to get solve if brightness is not working in your windows PC. This is a very simple step which rid your PC problem just a few steps. In the future, if you still face any types of problem on your computer or laptop then you can apply this steps.

Step 1 :

Open the control panel of your computer as I’ve already told you in the step 1. (Press Window +R simultaneoulsy and write contol)

Step 2 :

When control panel opened then find for the Recovery icon and double click on the recovery.

Recovery-control panel

Step 3 :

Then new window will be open which name as “Advanced recovery tools“then double click on “Open System Restore“. Then new restore tab will open and click on the next button.

Advanced recovey tool

Step 4 :

After click on next again new tab will open of affected program which causes error in your laptop or computer, If selected program is correct then click on the next, If not then click on the Scan for the affected program and select you program which affected your system.


Step 5 :

When you again click on next then last stage of the Restore Point will open, here you can also select your restore drive and click on the finish button.


When you click on finish button then your PC will be restoring the date which you have selected. After sometimes your PC will be Re-start and keep your power plugged in if necessary. Above these steps are sure rid your brightness button not working in your PC. This solution will work on the windows 8, 8.1 and 10, follow these steps carefully and before doing restore process keep your file aside and safe place. After applying this steps if your PC brightness not working then let us know by the comment.

{Solution} Brightness Button Not Working In Windows 10 HP
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