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Have you created a website and want to submit the site to Google or want to Google site verification meta tag search engines? There are millions or maybe billions of websites in this world, so how Google recognize about your site and your pages how you can submit your sites to the Google search engines and also how to get the google site verification code and many more related to index and crawl query. Then here you can get a very easy solution with easy steps how to submit the site to google or any search engines with steps. By this process, you can also verify WordPress sites to the Google.

There are many ways to get verify your sites with Google search engines but which one you should choose for a better recommendation without any hassle-free. So basically first you have to download HTML file and upload HTML verification file to website, verify with tag manager and Google analytics. If you have not verified your website from the Google search engine then your sites may not appear on the search engine or also may be someone attack or installed malicious code to your site, which keywords provides more traffic to your website and there are also many others factors then how you can know? Where your website lacks and how to prevent such types of the problem all the solutions you can get via Google webmaster tool. So make sure that your website must verify with Google.

If you have submitted your website to any search engine manually then whole pages of your website would not be submitted to search engines. There are many options for you to submit the site to google search engines or others search engines like Bing or Yahoo. When you submitted your sites then the search engines bot will crawl your website and fetch Information what you have added and then It’s show result on the SERP page. There are many ways to get verify sites on the Google, like Submit URL to Google without signing in, Upload HTML verification file to website and many more things. So let’s start!

How to submit the site to Google

  1. Verify with Google Webmaster search Console

    If you want to observe, want keywords, know about the status of your site then Google search console will help you and let you know everything’s about your sites. There are many features available in the Google webmaster search console like Search appearance, Search traffic, Google Index, Crawl Stats, Security Issues and Web tools.

  2. Step:1

    First you have to Sign-In the Gmail account for accessing any Google products.


    Open this website link on your web browser google.com/webmasters/tools/

    Site verification Google webmaster

    When this page is loaded then Enter your website’s URL and Click on Add Property


    When you will click on the Add property then a new page will be open, here you can see there are two tabs one is Recommended method and another one is Alternate methods. You can verify your sites any one of methods to get submit the site to Google.


    In recommended method You have to download HTML verification file and upload that file to Root header of your website when you uploaded this file then click on Verify. If you not able to do this step then you can choose Alternate methods steps.

    Recommended Method


    In Alternate methods there are four options for you.

    Alternate methods

    • Verify with HTML tag

      You have to just copy the meta tag and upload HTML verification file to the website in the header section where all meta data are mentioned. If you have WordPress sites then you can easily upload this HTML tag without any plugins you have to log in your Admin panel then right side section click on Appearance-> Editors -> here you can see the source code of your website. On the right side find for Theme Header(Header. PHP) click on theme header and upload your HTML tag which you have copied from Google webmaster tool

    • Upload HTML verification tag in WordPress

    • By Domain name provider

      First one easiest way to verify your site to the Google search engine, here you have to select your domain name provider i.e from where you have purchased your website domain. Select domain name provider then click on verify then new window will appear and here you have to enter your Username or Id with passwords and follow the steps and when steps complete then your website will be verified by Google.

    • By domain name provider

    • Verify with Google analytics

      By this method you have to log in with that Gmail ID which associated with your Google analytics accounts If you have not added Google analytics code in your website then you have to add first Google analytics code then after verify. Make sure that your google analytics code should be in the HEAD section of the website. You have also google analytics permission for Editor may be you have to Admin panel then you can verify your site. When you verify your site then click on Red verify button.

    • Google Tag Manager

      If you want to get all script in one place then Google tag manager is great tool for you, first you have to Sign Up Google tag manager. When you have signed up in google tag manager with all needed details like company name, types of your company and website then there will be a new window will be open which contain Google tag manager code. From Google tag manager you can verify your sites in two ways:

      Verify with Google Tag manager

      1. You can directly upload HTML verification code to Google tag manger logged into tag manager then click on Tags–>NEW–>Tag Configuration–> when you click on tag configuration new tab will be open
      scroll down little bit and find there for Custom HTML tag click on Custom HTML tag and
      paste Google Webmaster HTML tag which look like Meta Name”_” and click on Verify.

      2. Second method is you have to add Google tag manager code on your website If you have Admin approval. When you added tag manager code then you click on Webmaster verify red button for submit your site to google.

  3. Submit URL to google without signing In

    If you want to submit URL to google without signing In then you have to do a search on Google page which query is submit site google. Here you can see a box (Image added below). You have to just copy your website URL and paste on that box and click on submit.

  4. Submit site without signing

By above method you can also verify WordPress site with Google. If you have a WordPress site and want to verify then you can apply same procedure for your sites. This step is working on any sites. If you face any problem related submit your site to the Google then let us know we’ll help you.

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