Latest Way To Increase Google Adsense Earnings of Any Website


If you want to know how to increase Adsense earnings then here you can find latest tips for your website how to increase Adsense earnings with high cost per click (CPC). Google Adsense is one of the best monetization platforms for publishers who want to earn money online. If you want to boost your Adsense earning then you need to decent traffic to your website which is very important for increase Adsense earning. There are billions of websites on the Internet, everyone wants to get increase Google Adsense earning, but this is not possible for everyone. Best way to increase Adsense earnings are making your website too different with others with the latest content where users can perform a task. Always provide an Internal link on your website for more user engagement and decreasing bounce rate. Also, add a video if possible which make your content more valuable. If your website has a good amount of organic traffic then you can earn up to $1.8 – $3 which is very common for any website who have decent organic traffic. Submit your website to the other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, Ask and other platforms where users looking for a query.

There are many bloggers who create a blog and apply for the Google Adsense but some of them do not qualify for Adsense monetization, so If your website is approved by the Google Adsense then you have one question in your mind how to increase Adsense earning for my website. If you have placed Google Adsense code on your website, then It doesn’t mean that you start earing high amount of money. You have to keep patience and always post useful content for your users with optimized SEO, which help to get organic traffic from the Google. If once users like your website’s content and start engaging on your website then your Google Adsense earnings will start increasing day by day with users traffic. But it depends on ads CPC bids and impression rates. Never use wrong steps to increase Adsense earnings it will block your account permanently which will never recover and also keep your website malicious free.

Point to keep in mind for Google Adsense

  • Never click on your own ads
  • Always follow the Google adsense Ads policies
  • Make your website user friendly
  • Never copy any content from the Internet
  • Avoid Popup Ads, if you can
  • You can use affliate ads with google adsense
  • Never placed ads on E-mail or software
  • Create your website privacy policy
  • If you choose ads.txt must included authorized sellers Inventory
  • Use your own content, images and videos

Sites which increase Google Adsense earnings

  1. Blog

    This is one of the most favorite destinations for the blogger who wants to earn money online with help of blogs. If you are technology lovers, readers, Internet avid, and want to create a blog for sharing your knowledge to others users then you can create a blog with help of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Blogspot and many more. In this CMS here everything is well coded and fully CSS design you don’t need to hire a developer, you can customize your website themes according to yourself, If you want to create a website on WordPress then you have to choose wordpress themes for your site. So if you want to earn money online and want to increase Google Adsense earnings then the blog is a great platform for you.

  2. Forum sites

    Most of the famous sites or products related sites have their own forum sites. This help to users who facing problems or have a query for any things, then they joined forum sites and users who know about this solution they post answers for their query. Forum sites are one of most full of users engagement sites. All over the world comes here to share knowledge and find solutions if they have any query. On forum sites, you can place your google ads and you can boost your Google Adsense earnings with forum sites.

  3. Online tools

    If you have no knowledge about content and know about programming language then you can create your own online tools which help the Internet users. Suppose you have created an SEO online tool for backlinks which is free, by placing the Google Adsense ads you can earn money from your online tools as a publisher. Here you can place your ads unit above the fold and below the fold which increases your Google Adsense earnings.

Best ways to increase Google Adsense earnings

  • Use Responsive ads

    This is most recommended ads by google adsense because when you use responsive ads then Google Adsense automatically managed ads according to the different devices like Mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop. So when you start creating ads unit then keep in mind that always select responsive ads which are very seamless and adjust according to screen sizes. Responsive ads are very highly effective which makes your site user-friendly. This is also run on contextual based ads means If your content is related to marketing then ads showings related to marketings.

  • Use text & Display ads unit

    IF you have select only either text or display ads then you can lose your earnings. If you want to increase Google Adsense CPC then ads with text & Images are high CPC as compared to other ads. So before creating your ads unit keep in mind that always select text and Images ads units which show both ads in one ads unit like a mixture of text and Image in an ad unit. Which provide to your users more clickable and also these ads have high bids with CPC and also high Impression rates.

  • Link to DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)

    This one is another great tool which provided by the Google for publishers and as well as for advertiser. For the publisher, if you want to show ads which have high CPC then DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) will help you to get accomplished such things. Most of the publisher used this tool for price priority based ads means If you have selected price priority ads then ads which have high CPC bids that ads will show on your site first then lower one and so on. So link your Adsense account with DFP today and get increase Adsense revenue. There are also many other features which DFP provides to publisher and advertisers. If you have not link your Adsense account with DoubleClick for Publisher (DFP) then start link today to get increase Adsense earning on price based.

  • Add Auto ads

    This feature launched in 2018 for all Adsense publishers who have an active account on Google Adsense. This Google Adsense auto ads include In-page ads (text & display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, Matched content) and also include overlay ads like Anchor ads(these ads show at the bottom of mobile page ) and vignette ads(these ads cover the full screen of mobile phone user can close this ad). Mobile page level ads also include in auto ads, If you have already added mobile page level ads code in your website then you don’t need to again add auto ads code. You have to just configure the setting of auto ads. These ads will show on your content automatically on your single page and homepage on your websites.

  • Create link text ads

    This text ad is based on contextual ads which means If your deal with digital marketing then link text ads will show ads related to digital marketing in form of text. Contextual based ads are always high CPC with high RPM. So if your blog deal with content related then you can put one link text ads on your website on above the fold or in the middle of content. If you want to create link ads then log in your Adsense account and click on My ads–> Ad units–> then click on dropdown showing button and select Link ads, we have also added an Image below for you.


  • In-Feed articles ads

    If you placed Auto ads code and still In-feed article ads not showing on your blog feed article then you can manually be placed In-feed ads code on your website where article get feed. This ad will be shown on the feed of your blog where updated articles are getting uploaded every day. To get In-feed article code go to your Adsense account click on My Ads–> Ad units–> New ad Unit–> click on In-Feed ads. When you click on the In-feed ads new page will be open of In-feed ad which contains two parameters first one is let Google suggest a style and another one is you can create style manually. Preferable is the first one which you have to just enter your homepage URL and Google scan your website and provides In-feed ads which are suited for your site.


  • Organic traffic

    Organic traffic is always matter for any circumstance If you have low organic traffic then you have to work on your website’s SEO which is very important for any search engine. Increase your website’s organic traffic and get land users on your website which leads to increase Google Adsense earning. If you want to increase organic traffic then you have to focus on the SEO techniques with relevant keywords. If you don’t have organic traffic then you cannot get higher CPC for your ads which placed on your website.

  • Custom search engines

    If you have a search bar on your website then you can replace that search bar with this custom search engines. This custom search engine works like google search engine which provides ads with results. If any users fire a query related to your website in the custom search engines then Google Adsense show the result with Google ads and your website post which is related to that query. This custom search engine is not available to every publisher, but If you want to get it then you have to post at least maximum number of articles on your blog then Google Adsense automatically scan your site and add a custom search engines options on your Google Adsense account.


  • Run an Experiment for Adsense

    Google Adsense also provides experiment option where you can run an experiment for your ad unit, Ad balance, allow ads and block ads to increase Adsense revenue. After this, you don’t need to run A/B testing of your ads. If you think that your revenue or earning not adequate according to you then you can run an experiment for your ads unit or Ad balance. This experiment runs for 15-25 days depends on your Ads unit. For run a experiment go to your Adsense account click on tab Optimization–>then click on Experiments.

  • Optimize Ads

    If you want to optimize your Google Adsense ads then you have to log in into Adsense account and click on optimization tab, here Adsense analyzed your sites and give few suggestions according to your website. If you have found any suggestion then take action against that optimization. When you set up your optimization and click on done. Again you log in your AdSense account after a week and see is again there any optimization setup still available which you have not done yet. Also Google AdSense provides best Opportunity for your website to get increase Adsense earnings. Which include which ads performing well, where you are lacking and what are the things which need to implement on your sites, so also visit opportunity tab.

  • Ads Placements

    Ads placement is most concerning things while when you put ads on your website, there are many questions arisen in your mind where I put ads to get higher revenue, which types of ads is better CPC and many more things. So for better ads placement first you have to analyze your website by heatmap tools. If you analyze where users more click or engage then you can place your google ads according to your heatmap. Best ads placement according to Google Adsense is one ads should be above the fold, In the middle of content, header and sidebar. Never place ads for earn money always place for ads user point of view. So ads placement is most prominent part of your website, If you want to increase your AdSense revenue then you have to choose the best placement of ads for your websites.

Above we have added best strategic for how to increase Adsense earnings with high cost per click (CPC) If you implement these above techniques for your website you will surely get success for to increase revenue. When you have applied above step then keep calm and wait for the result, never lose hope. Always add fresh and latest content on your website to help the Internet users. Make your website user-friendly and always add navigation bar with breadcrumbs which help the user to navigate one page to another page.

Latest Way To Increase Google Adsense Earnings of Any Website
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