What is SEO ? Types and Techniques of SEO


SEO stands for

“Search Engine Optimization”

SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engines. This is techniques or process of getting high organic and natural traffic free on the search engines of the SERPs like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

SEO is a technique for

  • Designing and developing a website to rank well in search engine results.
  • Improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
  • Marketing by understanding how search algorithms work, and what human visitors might search.

It makes your website user and search engine friendly. This is small parts of Digital Marketing, everyone wants to increase their website or business visibility online on top of search engine page without paying anythings. This technique includes some type of coding and creating link wheel for your website to gain top visibility on SERPs page.

Types of SEO

  1. White Hat SEO

    It is the techniques and strategies which done by legal way to follow the rules of search engine and policies. Also called as ethical SEO, In this techniques you also must follow the search engine algorithms for your reputation of your website and online presence on search engines.

  2. White hat SEO done by using following methods:

    • Choose proper content related keywords
    • Include keywords URL, Meta tags, alt Image and in content
    • Create anchor text with related to your content
    • Research and write relevant content
    • Create fresh and quality content as per search engine guidelines.
    • Be user friendly and give useful resources to user
    • Create back-link (Don’t spammy )
    • Build relationship with user and interact with them i.e response time

    White Hat SEO

  3. Black Hat SEO

    Black hat SEO bring up and boost up the website rank’s in an unethical manner, which is not approved by the search engine, means which breach the rules of search engine and algorithms. which result as you counted in blacklisted websites or your site banned by the search engine. Also called as unethical SEO or spam-indexing.

  4. Black hat SEO done by using following methods:

    • Link farms
    • Doorway pages and Keywords stuffing
    • Cloaking
    • Buying links or exchange links from one source to another source
    • Content or article spinning
    • Duplicate and copied content
    • Link stuffing and page which link with spamming website

  5. Grey Hat SEO

    As name define that combination of two techniques white hat and black hat to reach the better rank than white SEO. A grey hat SEO contains less risk of penalized on a search engine. If you do more or more than you counted as black hat SEO or you could penalize by search engine.

  6. Grey hat SEO done by using following methods:

    • Bulk numbers of E-Mail sent for traffic
    • buying expired domain but no more useful
    • Hidden text or links
    • Content with few details or less content
    • Buy Social Media likes or followers
    • Create links on irrelevant page which is not related to your page or website
    • Fake Reviews and promotional reviews

    Above these three are SEO types here another new term coming for SEO types which is called Blue Hat SEO

  7. Blue Hat SEO

    This SEO gives you learn of advance knowledge of internet marketing which includes the black and white hat SEO for optimizing your website and online presence. This is one of the most innovative techniques to improve ranking on SERPs

  8. Blue hat seo done by using following methods:

    • Includes phrases or LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
    • link wheels
    • Sponsors Guest posting
    • USE of search tools

Tecniques Of SEO

  1. Off Page SEO

    This is techniques which has done out of the page or apart from your website means linking your webpage to other webpage to improve the existence of online reputation you know about some basic techniques of off page seo.

  2. Types Of Off Page SEO

    • Search Engine Submission

      Here you can submit you website on search engine for crawl your website and show better result on search result to the user who search you website on any search engine.

    • e.g : Google webmaster and Bing webmaster

    • Directory Submission

      This is a process or activity where you create list of top directory submission sites and submit your website link or URL with proper details. This is one of most oldest techniques to create high quality of backlinks for your website.

    • E.g: DMOZ, a1webdirectory and abc-directory and also have much more.

    • Social Bookmarking

      As name suggests, where you can bookmark your URL or link which you want. Where you can add tags and keywords for you related content. This bookmark is allowed to share worldwide with other bookmarks sites from any users.

    • E.g: Delicious, Digg and Reddit

    • Press Release Submission

      This submission mostly used in latest news related to your company or when your company mention of tops level of magazine and launched new services and products then press release submission through link with contact details.

    • e.g: Prlog, pr.com and PR inside

    • Article Submission

      Article submission gives you great traffic to your blog or webiste and create blage ranking of your account on article submission sites. This is place where you can get follow link on author section.

    • e.g Articlebase and Ezinearticles

    • PPT and PDF Submission

      If you create unique presentation for you work and PDF which related to your website. You can share online for others helps and add links of your website or add your business name for your brand that people know about your business or website.

    • E.g: Slideshare and Issue

    • Video Submission

      One of most effective way to engage and attract user by creating amazing video and upload your videos on video submission sites. This is the best way to express yourself on front of users.

    • e.g YouTube and Dailymotion

    • Forum Submission

      This technique gives you great traffic to your website because most of user land here for query related problems. But now day by day most of the user create spam on forum and most of the search engine don’t give value for linking and counted as spam.

    • Blog Commenting

      Commenting is a great option for drive traffic on your website. Just comment on blog or website which related to your niche with a proper answer, certain types of the blog also include comment luv ( where you can include your keywords or anchor text on a place of the name ). This is one of most excellence process to bring traffic to your website.

      Don’t put comments like nice blog, looking great, great article and Thanks for posting this type of comment counted as spamming comments, so avoid such types of comments

    • Question-Answer Submission

      Here you can put your knowledge quality to attract the visitors who read your answer. Means while if you have knowledge regarding this any query then give perfect answer, user interact on your answer and also you can include references if you can but clarify your answer before posting anythings.

    • E.g: Quora and Yahoo answer

    • Infographic Submission

      One of most engaging submission which shows everything on a graphic presentation without any content. You can present your data or graphics in form of pictorial and illustrative way. Here you can include credits or logo at the bottom of your infographic. If web user use this infographic then they give you credit to your work or reference, from where they got infographic.

    • E.g: Visual.ly and Slideshare

    • Classified Submission

      Best way to advertise or promote your products if you have E-commerce websites and if don’t have this one then post related content on classified which like best shops in your city and much more. This enhances your links and convert user in conversion.

    • E.g: Craigslist and Adsglobe

    • Review Submission

      Right now this is one of most important now in these days, most of the user read reviews before landing to your website or products if they find worse reviews then they get away from that points. So be alert for your review, sometimes user creates a fake review for your website so keep regular checking reviews for your products and website, If you got fake reviews regarding your website you can report as fake.

    • e.g Sitejabber and Trustpilot

    SEO Optimization

  3. On Page SEO:

    On Page Optimization is basically the efforts which you put on the website to edit HTML structure which search engine render properly.

  4. Types Of On Page SEO

    • Content Optimizing

      This deal with the content part where you can add proper HTML attributes . Other words if you add content then keep in mind to adding proper attributes like Strong tags, header tags and Paragraph tags and many more things which need to add during placing content. Keep URL related to your content or Title

    • HTML Corrections

      Some time when we published our content or products on our website but search engines won’t able to show proper content on SERPs page. Sometimes such type of errors deal with HTML correction.

    • URL Optimization

      This is also one of most important parts of on page optimization, here you need to optimize URL in proper manners.

    • Keep in mind when you adding URL on content

      • Do not add underscore ( _ ) replace with dash ( – )
      • Avoid upper case letters
      • Do not add Numerical value or special characters
      • URL should be related to your content
      • If you have E-commerce website or product website, create URL parameter or use canonical URL

      Here is a good example of URL structure:

      Correct URL


      Incorrect URL


    • Dead links

      This is one of most core part of On page optimization. Suppose you have added link to your content and this link is no more available anymore then you should remove this link by Disavow tool.

    • Add Meta Data / Alt Tags :

      Meta data another core parts of on page optimization, this deal with the search engine and most of readers or users know about your website by reading this data on SERPs page.

    • Meta Data are :

        Meta Title : Title should be 55 – 60 characters limit if you crossed limit then words would be truncated

        Meta Description : Description should be 155 – 160 characters with space counted. Add content that user can understand what your website or page is about.

        Meta Keywords : Right now this Meta tags ignore by most of search engine. so if you want to add keywords then you can but search engine not give more value, and there are also more Meta data like Meta Authors and meta robots and also many more.

    • XML Site Map

      This gives structure to search engine i.e how your website or page structure in presence of search engine. You can submit XML file from search engine webmasters and you can see how search engine indexes your webpages.

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