Top App Submission Sites List For Android And iOS App


If you have published your mobile app for your business or product then you need app submission sites to get install and share your app globally or locally. By these app submission sites you can also submit app for review android and iOS. There are many app review sites which provide app submission and reviews for your mobile app, here you can get free app submission sites which provides a review, promotions and much more for your mobile application. If you don’t want to spend money then these sites are very useful for your mobile application. You have just need to register on their sites with valid E-mail Idand start submit your Android and iOS app with Images, title, description and tags. These free app promotion sites take time to approve your app when you have submitted to their sites.

High DA authority App submission sites is another great optimization process for ASO (App Store Optimization), ASO provides your app to get appear when any users fire a query on the app store related to your business keywords which you have used. With ASO techniques you can also increase your no. of downloads and review but keep in mind that your app should be user-friendly and easy to use with low MB size. There are many app submission sites who also provides app reviews with app promotion, so If your app is good and have best user experience feedback then they also provide you free promotion of your mobile app on their website at the section of features app(Most of the time this is Paid promotion).

Tips to get approved mobile app on app submission sites

  • Never add malicious mobile app
  • Keep you app low size as possible (If not mobile game app)
  • Always use attractive and your own Images for your app
  • Add title, description, tags and short summery for your app
  • Avoid Gambling mobile app
  • Create a video if you can for your app
  • Add details about what different new things you have provide on this app
  • Always add contact details with full information
  • Add privacy policy and Terms and condtion for your app

Why App submission sites are needed

So after a long period of tiresome work, complex coding, patience and after investing a huge amount of your time you have developed an excellent app and would now love to upload it to any app store of your choice and watch it broke download charts records of many other apps. But like almost everything in life, it is easier said than done.

Creating an app could always be a complex process but it does not guarantee the fact that your final product i.e your app will be a success even though you have put a lot of effort and heart in it. So the question which arises in your mind is that how can you make your app known to every other person on the planet and make it a huge success in an app store. By this time now, you would have started to think that ways “YOU” can promote your app after all you have done so much hard work to create it so why shy now from a little bit more work.

best android app review sites

Now I am going to explain you that sentence in a little bit detailed way so that you can start promoting your app as soon as you have finished this article.

These App submission sites have a huge users database and they are suited for any type of app you have created whether it is an IOS app or an Android app. These app submission sites also provide reviews, ratings and information about new and old apps which are listed on these websites. They are a great tool to let users know about your product and they even let the users contact the developers about any query or suggestion on the product. And of course, you do not need to worry about financial front as most of these websites are free for people who want to promote their apps and products.

So without further start publishing your app on the below-listed websites and wait for magic to happen.

List of App submission sites for SEO

Sr. No. App Submission Sites Domain Authority (DA) Cost
1 29 Free
2 71 Free
3 43 Free
4 100 Free
5 41 Free
6 81 Free
7 76 Free
8 22 Free
9 17 Free
10 34 Free
11 94 Paid/Free
12 100 Paid/Free
13 34 Free
14 19 Free
15 47 Free
16 51 Free
17 31 Paid/Free
18 43 Paid/Free
19 28 Paid/Free
20 30 Paid/Free
21 11 Paid/Free
22 38 Paid/Free
23 39 Paid/Free
24 56 Paid/Free
25 31 Paid/Free
26 28 Paid/Free
27 30 Paid/Free
28 27 Paid/Free
29 36 Paid/Free
30 28 Paid/Free
31 42 Paid/Free
32 25 Paid/Free
33 42 Paid
34 24 Paid
35 67 Paid
36 100 Free
37 1 Free
38 32 Free
39 87 Free
40 1 Free
41 54 Free
42 72 Free
43 29 Paid/Free

Above app submission sites list are free and here you can submit your application without any of cost, you have to just register with your valid E-Mail Id. These app submission sites also provide users reviews and feedback with all details. So let’s start visting sites and submit your Android and iOS app for better optimization.

Top App Submission Sites List For Android And iOS App
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